Tuesday July 3 2007  
1. 2012-04-14
just found this, and it's amazing!! I'm doing silimar hack and rebuilds to NSMB wii.. I actually had started doing the SMB3 levels myself til I found this. I've been playing bout a week on this and decided to make my worlds more like SMW.. This is a great edit though love it!!
2. 2012-04-16
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3. 2012-04-19
oh yeah I saw this… very tricky that Nintendo channel stuff given how many Wii's are probably not even online. I actually think that playlist reflects the degree of technical literacy and commitment of a hardcore group of Wii gamers rather than the a snapshot of the total Wii demographic but it helps for sure… especially for the games that double up on the lists.For some reason I think that COD on the Wii shouldn't nearly be as popular or well played as it is.As for casual &#
4. 2012-04-23
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5. 2012-04-26
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6. 2012-05-02
Ich hab schon von Anderen gehört, die irre Probleme bei NSMB haben. Versteh ich gar nicht. Wahrscheinlich muss man mit Super Mario Bros. schon auf dem NES angefangen haben, um mit der Mario-Steuerung klar zu kommen?Meinst du wirklich, es lohnt sich, Bomberman bei eBay zu kaufen? Nach dem, was ich da gesehen hab, kommt man dort insgesamt höchstens ein paar Cent billiger als 20 € damit weg. Und für 20 € bekommt man’s auch bei Media Markt, Saturn, Karstadt usw. Da würd ich mir den eBa
7. 2012-05-12
I am on day 10, and found that my skin has become very clear, where before I had oily skin and was prone to break outs. (I’m 43! ). My waist size has gone down, my pants are loose. I feel very well.

8. 2012-05-13
Hmm another criticism of the No Impact Man….Boring!I don’t think a full conversion to the lifestyle played out in the ‘one year purge’ was ever meant to be the solution that Beavan intends to deliver unto the world. It’s just a detox. Haven’t you ever detoxified your body to get rid of all those unhealthy toxins you’d accumulated from years of abuse or petty addictions? Maybe not…The experiences can be that after having purged and endured the exper
9. 2012-05-14
Kurt — nice to see you here on Car Free Days. It’s been too long!I think you are right about the importance of changing attitudes in the burbs. Anne and I were at a Christmas party last weekend people were pretty supportive of our blog and family biking stuff … to a point. As in in great that we do these thing because “you live in Seattle. We can’t do that where we live because the roads and drivers aren’t car friendly.” I agree that it’s harder t
10. 2013-01-06
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