Sunday June 17 2007  
1. 2012-07-04
Hey hey hey, take a gnaedr at what' you've done
2. 2012-07-05
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3. 2012-07-21
So I decided the best way to start off my weekend was by going to my favorite restaurant ever. If I’m going to be trying out a new bar, I can start off with an old favorite for dinner, right?? So off I headed to Snuzzles in Berks county. Has anyone ever been to Snuzzles? I know it sounds ridiculous, but they have some of the best food in the area. Their wings are indescribably awesome and it’s pretty reasonably priced.The plan was to then check out Machs Gude, a bar on Bethlehem̵
4. 2012-07-23
How about forms and entering placeholder text in place of the users type area doing in in xhtml not html5.Convert nav bar in FW to dw.Many FW users do not know the power of Fireworks. I love Fireworks and is my primary design tool.

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5. 2012-07-28
hi for a little while, but just was checking out your blog! This was really cool and encouraging to read, and I’m so excited for your milestones, and the ones that are to come! You’re doing awesome! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried spinning, but I just had to share that I got addicted to it about 6 months ago and it is by far the best workout I’ve ever done. I LOVE it. Seriously. It’s a highlight of my week (am I lame or what?!) I spin for an hour 4 or 5
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