Tuesday December 4 2012  
John Belton
1. 2012-12-04
hit this today, very enjoyable. I have a CF competition in London in Jan and Im just wondering if you reccomend this strength cycle now?
Beau Burgener
2. 2012-12-04
That is your call. I'd say to do 1 of 2 things: 1) Go ahead and follow the cycle; however, 1 week out of the competition, stop the strength work and just do the work capacities so you peak for the comp and are fresh (the day before game day should be total rest). 2) Depending on when the comp is in January, you could start this strength cycle (the first segment is 4 weeks long), then go right into the de-load week leading up to your comp which would peak you for game day. This would only work if your comp is in late January. Basically, what I'm getting at here is be smart. Yes, we want to train hard leading up to a comp, but not be burnt our physically and/or CNS. Have fun.
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