Tuesday July 10 2012  
1. 2012-07-10
1. 3 pos cleans: one from high hang, 1 from mid thigh, 1 from floor. this ='s 3 reps.
work up to 75%[135]x3x2, 80%[145]x3x3

2. rack jerks behind neck: work up to 75%[135]x3, 80%[145]x3

3. clean pulls: work up to 95%[175]x3x2 sets, 100%[185]x3x3 sets.

4. sit ups: 15 ghd

5. box jumps: 25 total
2. 2012-07-10
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3. 2012-08-08
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4. 2012-09-16
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5. 2012-10-05
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