Wednesday June 13 2012  
1. 2012-06-13
Are abs done everyday or only when it says so? and if it just says abs, what exercises and reps are recomended?
2. 2012-06-13
1. snatch: work up to 80%[105]x1x5,

2. cln and jerk: work up to 80%[140]x1x5

3. abs- 5 ghr 20 ghd sit ups
Coach Burgener
3. 2012-06-13
you can do abs everyday if you would like. if it says abs then it is your choice. it might say abs: 100 reps. then you choose. we do sit ups with weight, knee ups, or toes to bar, or glute ham sit ups. anything you would like to do to help keep that core strong!
4. 2012-06-16
Snatch = 185
WOD: 10:40
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5. 2012-09-06
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