Friday July 1 2005  
1. 2012-03-23
Khartoum et la police a procédé à des arrestations d’étudiants dans le centre de la capitale du Soudan.
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2. 2012-06-15
Jewelry and premiere during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival ininsanity workoutswimsuit that's best going to flatter you is probably not going to be a tie-dyeIn case it wasn't already obvious, Nigel handed Baker a ticket to Vegas. And then Baker bounded over to the judges' table in his slim-fit gym It's a lot of ugliness in the name of beauty, that's for sure.Sales and great deals abound this Memorial Day weekend, and so I've rounded up some of the best beauty and fashion
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3. 2012-07-03

Prada, a favourite with MIUMIU, is negotiating to open its second prada handbags store at kobe shoes London while French brand Hermes Wallets is in talks to open a fourth coach outlet shop.With various motifs and patterns applied to each

4. 2012-08-05
Not usually, bescuae the outlets already sell things at a discount (usually)However, during the Christmas season they have amazing deals. I was at the outlets this year and most stores were having 50% off sales plus another 25% for Christmas, including Coach.
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