Thursday April 26 2012  
Jimmy Wolfley
1. 2012-04-25
FS: 277 x 2 x 4
BS: 270 x 3 x 4
2. 2012-04-26
1.back squat: 215# x2x4

2. front sqt: 130# x3x4

3. sit ups ghd 35 [18,17]

4. chins: 25
Jimmy Wolfley
3. 2012-04-26
BS: 340 x 2 x 4
FS: 225 x 3 x 4
40 GHD / 15 weighted SU
25 chins
Jimmy Wolfley
4. 2012-04-26
Forgot to mention first post was a mistake. Had it mixed with Tuesdays session.
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5. 2012-05-04
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19. 2012-05-23

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20. 2012-05-23
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21. 2012-05-23
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22. 2012-05-28
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23. 2012-05-28
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31. 2012-06-09
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33. 2012-06-10
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35. 2012-07-04

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36. 2012-07-24
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