Wednesday April 18 2012  
1. 2012-04-18
2 pos cl: 165/177.5/192.5/200
cl pulls: 230/242.5
bnrj: 210 x3/230 x2/ 240/250/255(f)
25 box jumps
100 weighted sit ups
all in lbs

Hey Coach, ever thought of making an app for your website like Crossfit does? This is one fan who would pay for such an app, thanks for all you do!
2. 2012-04-18
1. 2 pos clean: 115#x2, 120#x2,130#x2, 135#x2 mid thigh, floor.

2. cln pulls: 155#x3, 165#x2 (maintain proper position and stay back.)

3. rack jerk bnk: 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 135x3 155x2 165x1 175x1 185x1f

4. box jumps: 25 total.

5. 33 ghd sit ups. 17,16
Jakub mielnicki
3. 2012-04-18
Thank you coach for the BWU for the split. For the snatch drops, would it be ok to sometimes snatch drop into a split instead of a squat, or would that just be to confusing?
Jimmy Wolfley
4. 2012-04-18
2 pos clean: 175 / 190 / 201 / 210 lbs
Clean pulls: 245 x 3 / 255 x 2
Bnk jerk: 185 x3 / 205 x 2 / 225 x 1 / 245 x 1 / 265 x 1
25 box jumps.
100 weighted situps.

5. 2012-04-26

And consequently, I enjoy get away from along with other baseball caps football associated issues -- pretty much meaningless, although fascinating even now. If you do considered, a question arrived at my own go we wanted to present to all of you actually, to determine how you felt.

6. 2012-05-01
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7. 2012-05-04
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8. 2012-05-04
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9. 2012-05-10

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12. 2012-05-11

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13. 2012-05-21
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14. 2012-05-23
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15. 2012-05-23
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16. 2012-05-23
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17. 2012-07-24
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18. 2012-08-08
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