Friday February 17 2012  
Beau Burgener
1. 2012-02-17
Sorry for the late response, but my dad's answer was pretty close to being right on. For the warm up, the first round is with the bar/45#. You will perform 5x power cleans in a row, 5x front squats in a row, 5x push press in a row, 5x back squats in a row and finallyy 5x good mornings. After you do your 5x good mornings, put 65# on the bar and repeat for round 2, and same for round 3 at 75#. I apologize for the confusion.
Tom Martin
2. 2012-02-17
Thank you for the clarity coach. I got it now. Yes, very similar to the Bear.
Tom Martin
3. 2012-02-17
Hi Coach,

Sorry for the silly question, but can you help me understand what the 45#, 65# and 75# are representing in today's Warm Up?

Warm Up: 3 Rounds (45#, 65#, 75#): 5x power clean, 5x front squat, 5x push press, 5x Back squat, 5x good morning. Like all warm ups, start off slow and increase the intensity as you go.

Coach Burgener
4. 2012-02-17
thanks for the question tom. is doing 3 rounds. 1st round is with 45 lbs and the athlete is doing 5 power cleans, 5 front squats, 5 push presses, 5 back squats, 5 good mornings. then he adds weight to 65 lbs and does the same thing....then finally 75 lbs. here is the way it toes though....the athlete power cleans the weight and immediately goes into a fs, then comes out of the hole and does a push press.....brings the bar down to his back where he does a back sqt and finally a good morning.....he does this 4 more son is not a very nice person!!!
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