Thursday January 19 2012  
Jason Lavoie
1. 2012-01-19
I'm going to add you WOD in to my routine

So thanks Coach

Bk sqt 205x3, 230x3, 245x3, 260(3x6reps)

Front Sqt 205x3, 225(3x3)
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2. 2012-04-30
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3. 2012-06-20
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4. 2012-08-07
Vi har å si for mye, også sett altfor mange - spesielt forberedt for Bryant, den "cascade" versjon, men når dette paret av "Snake Pools» i Nettverk eksponering, vi har fortsatt å innrømme det brakt ut sjarmen.
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5. 2012-08-29
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