Wednesday August 10 2011  
1. 2011-08-10
Is that a routine exercise? WOW!
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2. 2011-08-10
I guess you're right! Although I am not much a gym guy, but I do love to have some abs in my body!
Michael Abadabajev
3. 2011-08-10
heavy jerks off the rack should never be performed. A clean should precede it 1st. Jerks should be practiced near the end of your workouts in order to emulate fatigue.
coach b
4. 2011-08-10
michael, lots of ways to skin a cat and they all work. for the most part i would say for the advanced lifter, the guy that is the national and international competitor i would most of the time agree with your comment. however for me and the kids that i train in the very beginning and even some lower level lifters the jerk from behind neck or rack jerk works wonders.
5. 2011-08-11
I will often put Jerks early in the routine when the athlete is less fatigued, as i want maximum speed from the exercise. I know for sure that wont be the case if the Jerk nears the end of a heavy workout. So i suppose it depends on the goal of the coach?
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6. 2011-08-11
Just by listening to these people I've learned a lot! Although I don't understand the terms that they are using.
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7. 2011-08-11
I tried to go to Gym before, and it was really hard especially if you are just starting and don't know the routine. But eventually I overcomed it and time after time I always make sure I had a daily exercise at the Gym.
8. 2011-08-11
3 pos cl: 185x3x5
cl pulls: 245lbx3x2
cl deads: 255x3x2
jrks: 245
Michael Abadabajev
9. 2011-08-12
Putting the jerk by itself is for someone learning his/her technique. However putting it at the start of the workout for advanced athletes while the athlete is less fatigued to generate maximum power is absurd. This is like doing a hang clean in competition. You've eliminated the most difficult part 1st. The knee passage during a clean, or the clean itself before the jerk. The jerk itself needs to be practiced only with a clean prior to it or take bar off rack, and squat 1st with it.

10. 2011-08-14
I work with many sports athletes but no-one who competes in Olympic Lifting. I choose to use the olympic lifts and their derivatives for reasons relating to sports performance (triple extension, eccentric control, core strength, stretch-shortening, power, flexibility etc etc ...) The jerk is an excellent stand-alone exercise, that i use with a combination of others to produce a robust programme, a well rounded athlete and top level sports performer. As i intimated previously, the inclusion of any exercise in any programme is predetermined by the coaches/athletes goals.
coach b
11. 2011-08-15

i will agree with you 90% of the time with my advanced athletes.
12. 2012-04-20
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13. 2012-07-01

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14. 2012-07-12

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16. 2012-10-19
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