Monday May 2 2011  
1. 2011-05-02
Are all of the percentages meant o be percentage of 1RM Snatch or Percentage od 1RM for tht movement.

For example, my !RM Snatch at present is 75kg but my Snatch Deadlift is 170 so on the Snatch Deadlift today should I be basing it on 170 or 75kg?

Coach Burgener
2. 2011-05-02
its off your best snatch. the snatch and clean deadlift are used as a positioning drill to gain strength primarily at lift off. therefore i do not want to compromise that position as it does when the weight gets too heavy. i want exactly the same position used when i am snatching. so again the % is taken off the best snatch.
3. 2011-05-02
Thanks Coach
4. 2011-05-02
barski snatch: 82kgx3x5

sn pulls: 103kgx3x2

sn deadlifts: 116kgx3

sn balance: 125kgx1x2

sn pp: 5/80kg, 4/89kg, 3/98kg, 2/103kg

5x10 hlr & 50 sit ups unbroken

chins: 15, 10
5. 2011-05-02
Barski: 167.5lbx3x5
sn pu: 210lbx3x2
sn deads: 245x3
sn pp: 185/205/215/220lb
abs: 100 unbroken
6. 2011-05-02
Barski 45kgx3x5

Sn Pull 60x3x2

Sn DL 75x3

Abs 50

Push Ups 25x2
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18. 2012-04-26
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