Tuesday January 18 2011  
1. 2011-01-18
Had to cut up a deer for the freezer... I'll make this workout up tomorrow.
2. 2011-01-18
cnj: 175
dl: 305
fs: 255
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3. 2011-01-18
Who is that good looking bloke in the red top?
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4. 2012-10-17

It is so exciting to think of the possibilities there are for social change and we are part of that - amazing! I look forward to meeting you in Ethiopia.
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5. 2012-11-28
No one can turn head again, but who can be from now on writing a different result
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6. 2012-11-29
"We are really about making miracles," agreed Buoniconti. He noted that the first clinical project using human stem cell research is about to get underway at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is based. "We are going to get people out of their wheelchairs," he added..
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7. 2012-11-30
I now see why it one of the big San Francisco events people talk about all year long.
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8. 2012-12-02
When cheapest flat irons are available at around $10, you will come across the most expensive ones that range around $200. The price of these tools can thus vary a lot. But such huge difference in the price tag denotes the difference in quality they deliver.
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9. 2012-12-09
While working on phone video conferencing solutions many of the business organizations have been able to utilize the resource properly and extend their business contacts much faster..
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