Saturday August 22 2009  
1. 2012-04-16
Hey, sublte must be your middle name. Great post!
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2. 2012-04-19
On a note completely unrelated to this episode, I wanted to pass on a letter full of some choice malaprops (and typos) that got me chuckling to myself for a good while. (I work for a state law enforcement agency)«I had this gun past onto me as a gift over 20 years ago. Do to the fact that it is broken beetween the barell and the cylinder, I have never had the oppertunity to shot the gun and as a result, I do knot know the caliber or exact modle. Please understand that this gun is very sent
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3. 2012-04-23
HAHA...I have totally done the «Phantom Call»!I usually resort to this tactic whilst out with a group of friends (and mutual aqaintences). Sometimes several people may excuse themselves to the bathroom, bar, or what-have-you and I'll b eleft with somebody I don't really know well or don't really I flip flip open the phone.Now, if they are too close, I can't really be yammering about «peas and carrots» or «John Phillip Sousa», so I just pretend I'm ch
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4. 2012-04-25
Hilarious show! While they all make me laugh, I don't think I've laughed out loud (el oh el for the chat savvy) quite as much as I have on this installment. I loved it. I've visited friends in Chicago a enough times to get a warm nostalgic feeling when you mention places that I remember. It's like re-vacationing by-proxy.-I'd be all about Thanksgiving lasagna. Send me a recipe!-for what it's worth, I understood 'guns' before it was questioned.-«peas and carrots» LOL I've used
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5. 2012-04-26
Just a few things... Vancouver did not get meters of snow. we had maybe 20 cm. Now by Vancouver standards, thats a lot. By the standards of the rest of the country, that's peanuts... let's be honest here. *grin*Oh and Jon, there is a cupcakes in Vancouver if ya want, I'll take ya! Good times will be had by us now that yer on the west coast! come on up and say hi!Kepp up the fantastic work guys! yer still my number 1 podcast!

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6. 2012-04-30
I have to agree with Lisa L. I attend Everest, and the school uses this site to test our typing and it is messing us up and we get graded on these results. I would be so happy if I got a bad grade because of something I did. But this site doesn’t give us the chance to mess up

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7. 2012-05-02
The test worked about 3/4 of the way through. When I get to the row which begins with a “+” sign, I was counted wrong for typing in the + (after I typed in “enter” to get to the next line), then the blue cursor bounced around and skipped the next number. I was getting errors for correct typing : /

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8. 2012-05-11
My son moved into his big boy bed at age 2, we were having another baby and wanted him out of the crib and have it put away and time for him to forget that it was his before she was big enough to use it. He moved into his own room at age 1, but my daughter moved into her own room at 7 mths, a much happier arrangement for everyone!You can buy a swing at any age, just make sure that the seat is suitable for your baby’s age. Take off the normal seat and put an infant or toddler seat with ap
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9. 2012-05-12
i moved my kids into a toddler/big bed at age 2. that seemed a safe age to give them small pillows and blankets. they make baby/toddler swings. i think mine started using those around 1ish. and my 2 1/2 yr old is using a regular swing now with a lil help . trampoline? i don’t know i will never own one after seeing so many injured with them. broken anythin at a young age isn’t very good. they heal fast, yes. but my neighbor boy broke his arm at a young age and it has never grown righ
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10. 2012-05-13
My daughter was in a toddler bed at 13 months, as she started climbing out of her cot and I was afraid she would hurt herself. On average, most toddlers make the switch to a bed anywhere between 18 months and 2 1/2 years.As for swing sets, tramps etc. You can get these whenever you feel your child is ready for them. My 18 month old has a swing set and she absolutely loves it. She also has a mini trampoline that has a bar attached to the front that she can hang on to and jump.

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