Wednesday October 15 2008  
1. 2012-05-28
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2. 2012-05-28
Hey Jeremy, Great site! Glad you got it up and running. Love the phoots! Maybe I should chat with you about your blog and what it took to set it up. I want to learn, but have been frustrated at the limitations and how other blogs I tried to do were not user friendly!Great Job!Blessings to you and the family!
3. 2012-05-29
Blessings momgen, Congratulations on your early delivery, which means somewhere in between last week and this week you had a new baby, right?I pray that you and your baby and all are well! So glad that God surrounded you with help in your time of need!Wonderful verse to hold on to...Fear not, for the Lord thy God is with thee... I am not afraid (no, no, no) I will not dismay... for the Lord, Our God is with you!(Amydeanne got me thinking about what song and this kid one popped into my head).May
4. 2012-06-06
It's true, unfortunately and that's one of the reasons I love children as much as you do, Debbie. I would rather sit and talk with a kid than an adult any time! lol. They are full of surprises and are so genuine. You are blessed to have such a wonderful job where you can be so instrumental in helping form their little characters. Give them all a big hug for me.Love you,Sandy

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5. 2012-06-13
I found this video difficult to watch mainly because the people were so confused and affluent. Giving more money to someone will not guarantee that they will live out what God has planned for them. I felt sorry for them and would have liked to suggest to them that they give me some of their money and let me show them what to do with it. Seriously, I did not hear any of them speak about doing something for others or their moral beliefs.Interestingly, one of the interviewees mentioned how th
6. 2012-06-23
this ever so well...with the best Psalm for TRUST! It truly is a challenge to walk by faith! You are ever so right though...He does have your best interest at heart, knows your heart and is ever so trustworthy! Beautiful photo (but that can't be Phoenix)... I hope that you were able to enJOY a beautifully blessedChristmas as well and wishing you a precious 2012 with His glorious riches as we grow and shine on in our walk with Him, blind or seeing, we must Trust Him!Love and thanks for stoppi
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7. 2013-01-09
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8. 2013-01-09
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