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WOD Archive - February 2018

Monday April 8 2013
old school nd!
monday: tough workout

1. front sqt: work a heavy single

rest 15 minutes

2. snatch: work up to a single, but not max. about 80-85% of how you feel.

rest 15 minutes.

3. back sqt: work up to a single with 80-85% of your best sqt.

rest 10 minutes

4. rack jerks bnk: work on the drive and finish here. your legs have been worked so this will be similiar to a meet when you clean the wt. go as heavy as you can with these jerks. if you have not performed these bnk (behind the neck) this will be a very rewarding experience. make sure you dip straight and drive straight!! finish strong!!

5. chins: 25 total

6. box jumps: 25 total 36-48" box depending on your ability. tuck jumps if you do not have a box.

7. back and abs, you call.


Warm Up: Row 500m and sprint the last 100m. Then range of motion drills. Next, perform the junk yard dog, then work up to 96% of your 1 RM front squat.

Strength: Front squats - 10 sets x 1 reps @ 96% 1 RM

Work Capacity: 10 rounds - Every 60 seconds, perform the following...
2x cleans @ 70% 1 RM

*Rest 5 minutes, then...

Complete 5 rounds of the following:
10x ball slams (AHAP)
1x Suicide sprint (start line -10m-startline-20m-start line)

Core: 20x back extensions

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