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WOD Archive - January 2018

Thursday April 4 2013
love the sand on north shore of oahu!
same workout as last thursday.

thursday: junk yard dog + burgener warm up + skill transfer exercise.

1. front sqt+jerk: if your weakness is the jrk i want you to do 1fs+2 jerks, if your weakness is leg strength then i want 3 sqts + jerk. warm up to about 70% of your best cln and jerk, then work to a heavy set, i.e. 90%x1-2+1 x 2-3 sets. your total set number, including warm up sets should be about 7-9 sets total...working light to heavy.
2. front sqt: now we want to work leg strength....work to a heavy single, max for the day type single, then back off to 3 reps with your best clean weight for 2-3 sets.
3. snatch tech: work 15 minutes on your snatch tech. work that good starting and set up position (tight back, flat back, concentrate on keeping the shoulders over the bar, hips a tad higher than the knee's...then the lift off, concentrate on keeping that back angle the same, lifting the weight into position by using the legs!!
4. snatch push press: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go as heavy as you can on this exercise.
5. chins: 20 total
6. abs: your choice, but do them!!


Warm Up: Row 500m and sprint the last 100m. Then range of motion drills. Next, perform the junk yard dog, then work up to 92% of your 1 RM push press.

Strength:Push press - 10 sets x 1 reps @ 94% 1 RM

Work Capacity: Complete 10 rounds of the following...
5x DB snatch, left arm (70#/50#)
5x DB snatch, right arm (70#/50#)
100m sprint
60 seconds rest (or walk back to the DBs)

Core: 3 rounds - 15x GHD sit ups, 10x weight back extensions (45#/25#)

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