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WOD Archive - June 2005

Thursday June 30 2005
1. front sqt+jerk: if your weakness is the jrk i want you to do 1fs+2 jerks, if your weakness is leg strength then i want 3 sqts + jerk. warm up to about 70% of your best cln and jerk, then work to a heavy set, i.e. 90%x1-2+1 x 2-3 sets. your total set number, including warm up sets should be about 7-9 sets total...working light to heavy.
2. front sqt: now we want to work leg strength....work to a heavy single, max for the day type single, then back off to 3 reps with your best clean weight for 2-3 sets.
3. snatch tech: work 15 minutes on your snatch tech. work that good starting and set up position (tight back, flat back, concentrate on keeping the shoulders over the bar, hips a tad higher than the knee's...then the lift off, concentrate on keeping that back angle the same, lifting the weight into position by using the legs!!
4. snatch push press: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go as heavy as you can on this exercise.
5. chins: 20 total
6. abs: your choice, but do them!!


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Wednesday June 29 2005
today's workout is geared towards some speed and strength movements.

1. snatch+ohs: 65%x3+3, 70%x2+3, 75%x1+3x3
2. clean+pp+jerk: your wt. will be kept to a minimum due to the pp, but i want to work that drive and finish that the press will give you. 1 clean +1 pp +1 jerk written as 1+1+1 x 5-6 sets. you select the wt. to use.
3. box jumps: get as high a box as you can safely make the jump. my son cody uses a 42" box. do 3 sets x 5 jumps.
4. glute ham back extensions: use weight while doing these: 3 x 10 reps
5. ball slams: use a 20 lb med ball, d-ball type of ball if you can....3 x 15 throws on the ground...follow and pick up by squatting down to receive the ball before the 2nd bounce.
6. stretch and cool down...maybe go into a pool to splash around, allowing the body to recover from the last 2 workouts.


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Tuesday June 28 2005
1. clean and jerk: (70%x2, 75%x2, 80%x1)3
2. clean pull: 100%x3, 110%x3, 120%x3...work on good starting position, strong back and flat back.
3. back sqt: 70%x5, 75%x5, 80%x5x3
4. push press: 3 x 5 working on the drive and the finish.
5. chins: 15 total.
6. abs (you select the ab workout today)

remember our goal here. we are in the off-season and are looking to work lightly on the classical lifts, but we want to strengthen the total body as well as condition the body during this time period. normally i am a bulgarian style of program coach, so this deviates from my norm, but i think its neccesary to work this way periodically.

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Monday June 27 2005
we are choosing to go into what i call a deviation from the norm of what my athletes do. we are assuming that there are no meets or big meets until december or so. i want to spend some time getting stronger, but still do the oly lifts.

1. snatch: (70%x3, 75%x2, 80%x1)5 rest no more than 90 sec between sets.
2. sn pull: 100%x5, 110%x4, 120%x3. maintain proper form
3. sn pp: 5x5, going to the heaviest that you can for 5 reps.
4. box jumps: 4 x 5
5. back extensions: 3 x 8.
6. evil wheel: 3 x 10

feel the pain and enjoy!!!

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Sunday June 26 2005
sunday is a rest day!! recoup your energy!!

enjoy the day!!

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Saturday June 25 2005
competiton saturday!!!

snatch: work to max for the day
cln and jerk: work to max for the day

get some!!!!

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Friday June 24 2005
Friday's are rest days!! enjoy the rest, spend time splashing in the pool, but not too long. stretch if you want. drink lots of water. get ready for saturday's competition day.

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Thursday June 23 2005

1. today we are doing the joe mills snatch workout emphasizing obviously the snatch: the key here is selecting a weight of about 70-75% of the best snatch, perform 1 snatch every 60 minutes for 5 sets. add 2.5 kg to each side for another 5 singles, each single on the minute as the first 5. add another 2.5 kg on each side....same protocol....1 snatch every 60 sec for 5 singles. now we add 1.25 kg on each side and we take as much time as we need between the next 5 singles. you should be close to your best snatch in training by the time you are finished.

rest 15 minutes

2. rack jerks bnk: work up to your best for the day. remember dip straight and drive hard. only do singles.

3. back sqt: work a medium wt. x 3, add wt. x 2, add wt. x 1, add wt. x 1....work up to a heavy single. back off for 2 sets of 3...medium to heavy wt.

4. glute ham back extensions: work the hamstrings hard here. 3 x 10

5. ball slams with the d-ball x 25 x 3 sets.


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Wednesday June 22 2005
today's workout is emphasizing the clean and jerk. also note that we are not in a contest phase and that our goal is to work the lifts as always, but to also have some conditioning and functional training added.

1. clean and jerk: work to a 90% lift for 1 rep x 2 sets, drop 10 kg x 1 x 2, drop 10 kg x 1 x 2
2. snatch tech: work up to 80% x 1 x 5 sets. rest no more than 1 min between sets. work the turn over...make them look sharp and consistent.
3. pull ups or chin ups....25 total.
4. kb swings x 15 x 3 sets
5. ball slams x 10 x 3 sets.
these 2 in circuit fashion.

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Tuesday June 21 2005
today's goal is to work the snatch position in the bottom.

1. snatch+ohs: 3+3 (means 3 snatches+3 ohs), 2+3, 1+3, 1+3, 1+3. go as heavy as you can keeping in mind the goal for the workout.

rest 20 minutes.

2. fs+jerk: if you have strong legs, work 1 fs+2 jerks for 4 or 5 sets not counting warm ups. if you have a strong jerk, but weak legs, then do 3 fs + 1 jerk. again work as heavy as you can making sure good form is the key.

this is alot of leg work, but it is also a positioning workout that will help the over-all lifts.

3. push press: 3-5 sets of 3-5, working on a good dip and strong drive.
4. glute ham back extensions, emphasizing hamstrings.
5. 3 x 15 roman chair sit ups.


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Monday June 20 2005
i am in south bend, ind, notre dame. got access to a computer for a day or so.

workout: 1 for the week.
1. front sqt: work up to heavy single
2. snatch: 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 about 85 percent or so.
3. clean and jerk: work up to 90 percent for a single, -10 kg x 1, -10 kg x 1
4. snatch: work on speed....all singles, no more than 6 singles but go as heavy as you feel you can and keep the speed going. this is a speed workout.
5. back and abs.

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Saturday June 18 2005
snatch: competition style workout today....go to max.

rest 20 minutes

cln and jerk: max, competiton workout. meet conditions

front sqt: what you clean and jerked today, do a triple in the fs.

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Wednesday June 15 2005
Day . june 15, 05
1. snatch: work up to 80%x1
2. rest 10 min
3. clean and jerk: work up to 90%x1
4. rest 15 minutes
5. snatch: max for day
6. fs: heavy single---do not waste time on lots of reps...get there.
7. abs

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