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WOD Archive - August 2005

Wednesday August 31 2005

drom warm up

1. muscle snatch: max for the day!!

2. sn pp + ohs: goal is the ohs for stability and strength in the bottom position. 1 + 3, take this to a medium ohs: about 5 sets total.

rest 10 minutes

3. sn pp: 5 sets x 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, i want the shoulder going in the ear to stabilize that bar overhead.

rest 10 minutes.

4. front sqt: work up to a heavy single. no more than 4 sets total.

5. ab circuit: chris wilkes...see monday workout

stretch, pool or cold shower.

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Tuesday August 30 2005

drom warm up

1. clean and jerk: work up to 75%x1, 80%x1, 85%x1, 88%x1, 90%x1, - 10 kg x 1, - 10 kg x 1 x 2

rest 15 minutes

2. back sqt: 75%x5, 80%x4, 85%x3x3

rest 10 minues

3. chins: 25 total

4. kb swings : 3 x 15

5 evil wheel x 10 x 2 sets

stretch and pool or cold shower.

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Monday August 29 2005
Looking at this view makes us all want to train at mikes gym!!!


drom warm up.

1. snatch: due to the 1 kg rule we have to begin training in segments. today work up to 70%x3, 75%x2, 80%x1, 72%x3, 77%x2, 82%x1, 75%x3, 80%x2, 85%x1. if 85% feels good go to 88%, if you make this go to 90%. no higher than 90%

rest 15 minutes

2. front sqt: work up to a heavy single, then take what you clean x 3 reps.

3. chris wilkes ab circuit. 2 circuits: v up x 10, 1 arm v up x 10 each side, cockroaches x 10, super man x 10

stretch, pool or cold shower.

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Sunday August 28 2005
WHO SAYS tall vb athletes cannot do ohs!!!


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Saturday August 27 2005
president of usa weightlifting dennis snethen congratulating collin ito after making the jr. pan am team!!

competiton day!!!!

1. snatch: max for the day

rest 30 min

2. clean and jerk: max for the day

rest 10 min

3. back sqt: heavy single

stretch, pool, drink lots of fluids!!

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Friday August 26 2005


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Thursday August 25 2005
collin ito now a student and resident athlete at northern michigan university!!


1. barski power snatch: work up to 70% of bes pwr snatch; 5 sets x 3 reps.

rest: 10 min

2. barski power clean: same as above

3. front sqt: work up to a heavy single: then - 10 kg x 1, then - 10 kg x 2 x 2.

4. push press: 5 sets, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!! last set is really heavy!!

5. abs: your choice!!

stretch, pool or cold shower.

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Wednesday August 24 2005
jasmine hernandez 16 yr old 11th grader at the jr pan am qualifier.

drom warm up

1. back sqt: work up to (82%x4, 92%x1)4

rest 15 minutes

2. clean pulls: 90%x3, 100%x3x2

3. 1 arm db bench x 10, 1 arm db row x 10 repeat this 4 sets. work the rt arm bench, then the left arm bench, the rt arm pull, the left arm pull. this is one set.

4. back extensions: 3 x 10

5. chris wilkes ab circuit: vups, 1 arm alt. v ups, cock roaches, super men. all for 15 reps. 2 sets. a cock roach is a fly and a leg raise into a 45 degree angle at the same time.


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Tuesday August 23 2005
great pix of the future of usa weightlifting women.

drom warm up

1. barski cleans: work up to 70% x 3 reps for 5 sets.

rest 10 min

2. fs+jrk: work up to 75% of best cln and jerk and do 3 fs + 1 jerk if your legs are weak. if your jerk is weak do 1 fs + 2 jerks. perform 5 sets

rest 10 minutes

3. reverse back extensions: 3 x 15

4. evil wheel: 3 x 15, nose to ground!!

stretch, pool, cool shower.

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Monday August 22 2005
hanna does 1 arm db snatch plus db ohs to enhance core stability!!

DROM warm up: 5 min

1. barski snatch: work up to 70% for 5 sets. barski snatches were named after the late bob bernardski by bill starr back in the day. bill wanted the athlete increase his 2nd pull working the finish strong. bill had the athlete bring the bar to the high hang positon, using no straps and do 3 reps with the weight. NO STRAPS, NO DROPPING THE BAR!!. snatch the wt., regrip, bring the wt. back to the high hang, repeat. by the 3rd rep one must really extend or they will not make the lift!!! ENJOY!!!

rest 10 minutes

2. snatch high hang pulls: work up to 85% or so and sn pull the bar to chest level! work 3 sets x 5 reps. use straps here!!

3. snatch pp: 4 x 5. that is 4 sets x 5 reps you choose the wt. but go as heavy as you can. at the end of each rep make sure you feel the shoulders raising to stabilize the bar. as coach greg glassman of crossfit says: "put the shoulder in the ears!!"

4. snatch halting deadlifts: 3 x 3. from the floor bring the bar using correct form to mid thigh. hold the wt. for a 1003 count, lower to the floor. repeat. keep tension on the upper hams, lower back during that count. good form is a musts herre. the last rep go into a full extension as well as shrugging the shoulders up as high as you can. straps are allowed!

5. knees to the elbows: while hanging from a pull up bar, bring your knees to your elbows!! 3 x 8 reps.

stretch, cool down, pool!!

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Sunday August 21 2005
SPEND time with the family today!! go to church, go to the beach, go to the lake, go somewhere with you loved ones!!

enjoy the day!!!

next week is tough!!

coach b and the clan!!

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Saturday August 20 2005
after each workout we reflect what we have done for the day. how was the workout? was i recovered totally for this workout? what are my weaknesses? how can i improve on these weaknesses. what are my goals? how good do i want to become? these questions should be asked by you and you should share your answers with your coach!! the sunset allows us to feel the appreciation of who we are and what we have!!!

competition day:

1. snatch: max

rest 30 minutes

2. cln and jerk: max

rest 10 min

3. front sqt: heavy single!

stretch and pool

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Friday August 19 2005
tough week!!! casey will attest to that!!! enjoy the day off today but get some rest. you need to relax, enjoy the time contemplating your heavy lifting on saturday!!

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Thursday August 18 2005
can you guess who the 3rd guy from the left is??? we are in virginia city, mt. doug ito, james burgener, steve gough, and yours truely all having libations in a really old fashion bar like in the wild, wild, west!!!

ugh!!! back to school today!! it has been a great summer. in fact one of the highlights was our visit to steve gough's abode!! here we visit a nice old mountain pub in virginia city, montana!!

drom warm up: 5 minutes

1. 2 pos pwr snatch : working up to 82% of best pwr snatch do 5 sets.

2. sn pp+ohs: work up to a heavy single. in this case i always want my lifters to try to hit a ohs with what they can snatch or even more!!! get use to handling heavy wts overhead!!! make sure your shoulders are put in your ears when pushing that bar up!!!

rest 10 minutes

3. pwr cln + pp + jerk: you are going to be limited here by the pp: do 1 + 1 + 1 for as heavy as you can go in the pp. then switch to the pwr clean and jerk. go as heavy as you can go until you have to do a full clean!!! your total workload here might be 5-8 sets. 3-4 due to the pp, then another 3-4 due to the pc. this is a great workout!!!

4. chins: 15 total

5. reverse back ext. 3 x 10. lie on a glute ham bench opposite of how you would normally lie. belly on the pad, head facing the foot placement....feet hanging where the head would normally go. raise your legs up while holding on to the foot area. keep legs straight, dorsie flex your feet. raise and hold 2 sec, repeat.

6. chris wilkes ab circuit!! see previous posts.

stretch, pool or cold shower or bath!!

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Wednesday August 17 2005
mikes gym likes sushi...all you can eaat for $25 at hanna's in oceanside meets our requirement!! notice the big bellies of the dudes and dudetts???? looking close enough you can see the only ones showing their bellies are the burgener children!!! go figure!! mom's personality!!!

drom warm up 5 min.

1. snatch shrugs off blocks: 100%x5, 110%x5, 120%x5

2. clean pulls: 90%x3x2, 100%x3. bar does not hit ground on 2nd and 3rd rep.

3. db clean and push jerks: select a managable wt and clean the wt. do a fs with the wt. then pj the wt. this is one rep. perform 5 sets x 3 - 5 reps.

4. glute ham back extensions: 3 x 12

5. evil wheel: 3 x 15 touch nose each rep.

6. chins: 25 total.


contrast baths or pool!!!

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Tuesday August 16 2005
My labrador retriever, Rocky, is enjoying being a surf dog at the burgener pool!!! after hard workouts we feel the pool is a great way to recover. if one does not have a pool, then a cold bath or shower is the next best thing!!

drom warm up 5 min

1. 2 pos cleans: work up to 75% for 5 sets.

rest 10 minutes

2 rack jerks behind neck: work up to a heavy single. while going up do no more than 2 reps initially then only 1 rep.

rest 10 minutes

3. back sqt: work up to (80%x5, 90%x1)4 here you work up to 80% and do 5 reps with the wt., then load the bar to 90% and do 1 rep. back down to 80% x 5, then 90% x 1 for 4 rounds!! enjoy!!!

4. back and abs, your choice!!

stretch!! finish with a cool bath, shower or pool.

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Monday August 15 2005
Nat Woolfolk, national record holder in the snatch for the womens 63 kg division with 100 kg does wheel-barrell training at mikes gym!! who says pretty girls cannot work hard!!

dynamic range of motion warm up!! 5-10 minutes

1. 2 pos snatch: floor + mid thigh: work up to 80% and do 7 sets.

rest 15 minutes

2. sn pulls: 90%x3, 100%x2x3 sets. bar does not touch ground after 1st rep.

rest 15 minutes

3.. sn pp: 5 x 5 beat last monday's weights.

4. chins: 25 total

5. kb swings x 15 x 3

stretch then cold shower!!!

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Sunday August 14 2005
on a rest day i thought i would share my family with you!! starting from the left. the boss hoss, leslie, who has been my wife of 29 yrs!!!, cody my 17 yr old son a sr in h.s. beau a 20 yr old that is going to cal poly san luis obispo, ca. sage the sweetheart of my life and a 15 yr old 10th grader, casey the lifter who we are all very proud, and of course the old, old, coach!! my family appreciates all our friends and individuals who love coming to mikes gym to train and to just hangout learning about weightlifting and training!!

take a day and reflect how lucky we are to have family, friends and loved ones around us.

coach b

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Saturday August 13 2005
this is a great exercise!! first sage bear crawls down the driveway about 25 mtrs, then she bear crawls back up the driveway backwards as is shown here. hard core stuff and a young lady doing it!!

today is saturday, COMPETITION DAY!! lift as you would lift in a meet. warm ups the same, 3 attempts in the sn and cln and jerk!!

snatch: max

cln and jerk: max

front sqt: work to a heavy single and get there in as few sets as possible.

enjoy the workout, enjoy the day!!!

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Friday August 12 2005
friday is a rest day!!

enjoy the day, but get ready mentally for saturday workout!! as you remember, saturday's are competition day's.

who says little girls are not tough!! look at sage burgener pushing a 250 lb wheel-barrell up my drive way!! 90 mtrs long and 15% incline!! one tough cookie!!!

very proud papa!!

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Thursday August 11 2005
after a heavy, heavy night of sushi, i am not sure anyone at mikes gym can do a neuromuscular workout, so today we will do a strength workout to get ready for a rest day on friday, then a competition day on saturday. school starts for me on the 18th....UGH!!!

drom warm up---d-dynamic, r-range, 0-of, m-motion.

1. snatch deadlifts: warm up to 100%x5, 110%x5, 120%x5, 125%x5 (after first rep bring bar down to 1" from ground and repeat move. the last rep shrug the bar.

rest 15 min

2. front sqt: warm up to your best clean and front sqt this wt. x 3 reps x 3 sets.

3. kb or db swings x 15 x 3.

4. kb or db 1 arm snatch x 10 each arm x 3 sets. try to do some overhead sqts with 1 arm as well if you can. you might do 5 reps of regular 1 arm snatches then 5 reps of a snatch + ohs. great exercise here. you will see some core weakness here as well, especially on the non dominant side. work the weakness!!!

5. evil wheel x 10 x 2 sets.


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Wednesday August 10 2005
even big dudes can do pull ups!! this is collin ito who weights 140 kg using bands to do pull ups. last night edgar h. weighing 210 kg did pull ups!! he used 3 bands that assisted him, but he did the pull ups!!!

dynamic rom warm up!! 10 min

1. muscle snatch: take it to a max single, but your sets should look like this: 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1. until you get your heaviest single. do not rebend the knees on the turnover...work the external rotation of the pull and then put the shoulder in the ear (shrug hard) when the wt. is overhead!! great strength builder for snatch.

2. pwr snatch + ohs: work up to 70% of best pwr snatch, then: 3+3, 75%x2+3, 80%x1+3, 85%x1+3x5. remember this is not of your best snatch, but your best pwr snatch. i want speed, but i want good position in the ohs.

rest 10 minutes

3. pwr cln +pp+pj+jerk. you will be limited here by the pp, but i want a good upper body pushing workout today. work up to 70% of best pp then: 3 pc + 3 pp +1 pj + jerk x 2, 75%x 2 pc +2 pp, +1 pj +1 jerk x 2, 80% x 1 pc + 1pp +1 pj +1 jerk x 2. the key here is taking the % off the pp not the pc. pj= push jerks or power jerks...they are the same exercise.

rest 10 minutes.

4. chris wilkes ab cycle (see yesterday's workout)

5. chins: 15 total


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Tuesday August 9 2005
as you can see my guard dog ky did this workout....the results speak for themselves!!!!

dynamic range of motion warm up for 10 minutes. light stretching before you lift.

1. clean and jerk: work up to (70%x2, 75%x1, 80%x1)3 rounds these are waves or complexes as some coaches call them. work to 80% then back down to 70% and back up again.

rest 15 min

2. clean shrugs: take off rack. 100%x5, 110%x5, 120%x5x2

3. back sqt: work up to 80%x4x5

4. rdl's or good mornings x 10 x 3 sets.

5. ab circuit: jack knive sit ups x 10, 1 arm alternate jack knive sit up x 10 each arm, cock roaches x 10 (raise legs at the same time you do a chest fly....these are on the ground and use 10 lb db in each arm.) super man x 10, hold 3 sec each rep. you can thank chris wilkes for this little gem!!!

if you have time do some pull ups as well. 25 should be ok.

enjoy the workout!!!

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Monday August 8 2005
dynamic range of motion warm up!! 5 minutes

1. 3 pos snatch: floor, below knees, mid thigh: work up to 70% and do 7 sets.

rest 10 minutes

2. snatch pulls: make sure your pull is like your snatch: work up to 90% x 3 reps. do not set bar down. take the bar 1" from the ground on reps 2 and 3. do 4 sets.

rest 10 minutes

3. snatch pp: 5 sets x 5 reps. go as heavy as you can on the last set.

4. kb or db swings: 10 reps x 5 sets, resting 60 sec between sets

5. evil wheel: 3 x 15 touching nose to ground.


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Sunday August 7 2005
Rest day always on sunday!!

As i have said many times, give thanks to a veteran and be thankful for our wonderful country!!

for the record, the cc course in mountain view, ca. is going well. the class is eager and learning fast!!

great fun and great class!!

coach b from mountain view, ca.

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Saturday August 6 2005
as i said yesterday i am in mountain view calif. doing a cc course. but i do have access to a computer line!!

today as always on saturday's we will compete!!

snatch: as heavy as you can using the competition warm up schedule. 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, select your weights accordingly.

rest 20 minutes

clean and jerk: same as the snatch.

recording pr's is nice, but i am more interested in you maintaining meet integrity. learn how to lift in a meet. warming up properly will have you successful on the platform. recording your warm ups and successful lifts is important as well....study your warm up protocol and see how you can improve on your warm up selection.

enjoy the day!!

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Friday August 5 2005
today is a rest day!! enjoy the day off!

saturday i may not be on a computer but you know the layout. we lift!!! competition style!!!
get your best numbers on saturday. end with some good stretching and splashing around in a pool!!! enjoy the experience!!!

i will be in los altos, ca. doing a cc course. i probably will not be back until tuesday. if i don't post, then take the day off on monday and we will be back on schedule for tuesday. i will have my laptop but not sure about internet. coach b

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Thursday August 4 2005
clean and jerk day!!

1. clean and jerk: work up to a heavy single!! back off to 85% of that weight and do 5 singles! all must be with perfect form. be explosive and finish strong in the jerk.

rest 20 minutes.

2. front sqt: you should still be warm. work up to a heavy single.

rest 10 minutes

3. snatch tech: 20 minutes. work only tech. position, finish, strong overhead... light weight. sets of 2 or 3 even all from the ground and all with precision.

4. chins: 25 total

5. back extensions: 3 x 10 using weight.

6. evil wheel... 3 x 15


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Wednesday August 3 2005
lets assume you have a weak 3rd pull in the snatch and you need to work on your turn-over strength.

1 muscle snatch: work up to a max muscle snatch. i think tommy gough best was 110-115 or so. casey's is close to that as well. at any rate work up to the max...1 rep!! the early sets you can do 2-3 reps...no more than that.

2. snatch: feel the strength in that pull??? work up to a max for the day in the snatch. back off 10 kg x 1 x 2, another 10 kg x 1 x 5 sets. work speed and feel the strength in the turn-over. concentrate on that!!

rest 20 mintues.

3. sn halting deadlifts: work the pull to just above the knees, halt the pull...hold 3 sec, slowly lower the bar to the floor. these are position pulls....working the lift off....and the eccentric strength of lowering the wt. is good too. work 6 sets of 3-5 reps. work as heavy as you can maintaining correct posture and pulling position.

4. snatch pushpress. 5 sets x 5 reps. go as heavy as you can for the last 2 sets.

5. chins: 50 total

6. abs: your choice!!


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Tuesday August 2 2005
monday's workout was probably tough on most of you. today we will back off a tad on the amount of exercises we are doing to allow a recovery of the body.

1. clean and jerk: work to a heavy single. whatever that is...not a pr, but a heavy single for the day. when you figure what that weight is perform the single, then back off to 85% of that weight and perform between 3 and 5 singles.

rest 15 minutes.

2. sn pp+ohs: you still should be pretty warm from the cln and jerks. work up to a medium to heavy sn pp+ohs. in my opinion this should be below your best snatch, but not much. most of my athletes can ohs between 5 and 10 kg more than they can snatch. the limitation here is the sn pp. if you have to have a partner help drive that bar up with you, then do it if you can ohs much more wt. your sets and reps will be: 1+3 x 2 sets, 1+2 x 2 sets, 1+1 x 2 sets...the first 4 sets being lighter and the last 2 sets are the work sets.

3. good mornings x 10 x 3 sets

4. hanging leg raises x 10 x 3 super set the good am's with the abs.

contrast bath if you can. cold first x 3 minutes....warm x 2 minutes...repeat 3-5 times, ending with cold.


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Monday August 1 2005

1. front sqt: work a heavy single

rest 15 minutes

2. snatch: work up to a single, but not max. about 80-85% of how you feel.

rest 15 minutes.

3. back sqt: work up to a single with 80-85% of your best sqt.

rest 10 minutes

4. rack jerks bnk: work on the drive and finish here. your legs have been worked so this will be similiar to a meet when you clean the wt. go as heavy as you can with these jerks. if you have not performed these bnk (behind the neck) this will be a very rewarding experience. make sure you dip straight and drive straight!! finish strong!!

5. chins: 25 total

6. box jumps: 25 total 36-48" box depending on your ability. tuck jumps if you do not have a box.

7. back and abs, you call.

enjoy!! natalle woolfolk does box jumps the correct way. look at her landing position.

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