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Ankle Flexibility
Hi Coach, My right ankle cannot bend far enough to allow my knees to come forward enough. This forces me to come up on my toes on the right foot to get proper depth. What exercises/stretches would you recommend to achieve proper range of motion?
Hi Coach, When I go heavy on squats my right hip comes up and out to the side as I come up. I have been following CrossFit for about 10 months.
Hi coach. I've watched 100's of videos of olympic lifters squatting/training in an attempt to learn the proper technique to squat back and front, but it seems i just cant figure out how to know if im squatting correctly. When you descend do I bend kn
High Bar (Olympic) vs. Low Bar Back Squat
Hey Coach Burgener, Which bar positiong do you use with your lifters, the high bar or the low bar, or a mix? If it is the high bar, have ever read Mark Rippetoe's article "Low Bar vs High Bar Squats" in the Crossfit Journal of May 2008? Link t
Squatting and other exercises
Coach, What would be other exercises that would go with yours or the Hatch programs. You had mentioned that not much OLY lifting would take place on the Hatch program. So what would go good on squatting days? Push presses?
Squat form
Coach, I am 51 yrs old, 6', 180 lbs. and have been weightlifting for 8 years and doing martial arts for 2 yrs. I have been crossfitting for 4 months and I am having trouble with squat form. I have long legs and arms and can't seems to get the uprig
Strength Imbalance
When squatting heavy, I have no problem going below parallel, but when rising my thighs shift in, not staying in one range of motion of up and down. It seems like my inner thighs are compensating for weaker outer thighs or is it the other way around
Front Squats
Coach, I have been into powerlifting and fitness for over 23 years. I want to front squat in the olympic style, but cannot position the bar correctly across my clavicle and end up doing them body builder style. seems I can't roll my wrists back fa
The Burgener Sqt. Program
Hey Coach, I was wondering, on ur sqt. program, do you use it for bsq, fsq or both? and at the same time? for example day 1 do bsq w/ 68%, then day 2 do fsq w/ 68%...??? Thanks again! Peace
Improving My Front Squat
Hey Coach, Just wondering if you have any good advice or programs to bring up a weak front squat. My front squat ability is really holding my clean back and I'm to the point where my OH squat is approaching my front squat max and I'm unsure how
Displaying 31 — 40 of 49