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Overhead Squat Chest Position
Hey Coach, I've been doing Crossfit/Oly lifting for about half a year now, but I've never had any extended coaching on the oly lifts. I watch all your videos, but I'd just like for you to clarify an issue I've been having. My question for you
Squatting Colume
So I was just wondering what the squatting protocol in the current Oly program is doing? Is it trying to increase our absolute strength? Or is it just trying to get our bodies used to volume. Can you get stronger doing high volume at a lower %? Thank
Front Set
Hi coach, have been following your site for a while, and was wonderig what a FRONT SET and BACK SET were. Could you please help. Thank you so much for your awesome site!
Force the Knees out during the squat
Hi Coach, Jason here again. I have the same type of question about squatting. When you decend into either a front or a back squat, outside of all the other mechanics, do you want to force the knees out all the way down and up? I noticed as before,
Hatch Squat Program & Failure
Hello coach - I am on week 4 of the hatch squat 12 week program. Today I failed after the 4th rep of the 4th set on BS as well as the 4th rep on my last set of Front Squats. Got all the reps in after a tiny rest. Pretty disheartened. Wondering what t
Hi coach, i am a 85 kg ambitious crossfitter. I am very strong in the traditional lifts but my ohs is quiet poor as i cant seem to handle much more then 75 kg for a max lift. i think this is quite poor in comparison to all my other lifts with the exc
Weight belt
How do you determine if/when to use a belt on squats and other exercises?
OHS, rack/stand height
Hi Coach- When doing overhead squats, do you advise bringing the bar off the squat stands behind the neck, then heaving or jerking the bar into the overhead position to begin the OHS, or do you advise bringing the bar off the stands in an overhead po
Overhead Squat
Hey Coach, I just started doing OH squats, and when i am in the squatting position, I have a tendency to lift my heels. Is this a correct or incorrect technique? Also another questions, how important are weightlifting shoes? Thanks for the help Co
"Butt Wink"
Hi Coach, My question is regarding the "wink" at the bottom of my squat. I maintain lumbar extension until just below parallell. Any further than that, I start to lose extension and when I'm in a full, ass-to-ankles squat, I'm borderline neutral/tu
Displaying 11 — 20 of 47