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Overhead Squat
Hey Coach, I just started doing OH squats, and when i am in the squatting position, I have a tendency to lift my heels. Is this a correct or incorrect technique? Also another questions, how important are weightlifting shoes? Thanks for the help Co
"Butt Wink"
Hi Coach, My question is regarding the "wink" at the bottom of my squat. I maintain lumbar extension until just below parallell. Any further than that, I start to lose extension and when I'm in a full, ass-to-ankles squat, I'm borderline neutral/tu
Front squat weight
When doing front squats do you base the weight of the fs max or full clean max? I ask this because my max fs is 50lbs more than my max clean and when I fs based of my max fs I'm able to do the weight but eventually it becomes very taxing and causes m
Squat rouine applied to deadlift
Hi coach, i like your routines and the volume, i know the deadlift is a lift your not concerned of, but for someone who wishes to increase it, should it be trained and planed in the same fashion like squats. thanks
Strength for bodyweight
Sorry for so many questions. i weigh 113kg and only squat 120kg x 1 deep, im at around 15-18% bodyfats, when people see me they think im much stronger, but there some light people that squat more than me, which one of your routines would you recomme
Squat speed
Hi do you think its best to explode in the squat, and even have a slight bounce, or flex and slow it down with no bounce, and is CNS strengthened when heavy lifts are done over and over, with lifts daily i get stronger than when i do a lift once a w
IT Band Pain
Hi coach, I've been working on form for the Oly lifts, so I've been trying to get into a much deeper squat than I'm used to. I developed pain in my right IT band two days ago though. It hurts whenever I try to squat now. My left hip doesn't open up a
Single-Leg Squat off a box w/DB
Coach B, I want to know if the single-leg squat off the side of a box w/DB-to Parellel is worth all of the effort for unilateral strength development for athletes? I have found in my own athletes that taking the time to learn and "balance" in t
Front squat problems
Hi Coach. I am having some problems on my front squats and can't seem to pinpoint the issue. I have the bar on my clavical, elbows high, and my ass to the ground when I squat. When I am coming up, my elbows are still high but it feels as if my body i
Lumbar curve
Coach I'm 42 yrs young 185 5 ft 10 in I've been crossfitting about 8 months and slowly working through the progressions of Olympic lifts. My problem is I loose my lumbar curve when I go deep . I'm worried about adding to much weight on heavy days b
Displaying 21 — 30 of 49