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Heavy singles
Hey coach. by "heavy single", do you mean 95%-ish or max?
How important is it to use accurate percentages? The smallest weight increment at the gym I go to is 2.5#, allowing for 5# increments on my lifts. For example, this means on the Burgener Squat program I will be using the same weight, and doing the sa
"Strong" 1RM percentages
Coach, I was wondering if there is a standard or accepted % for each lift or muscle group to indicate being "in good shape" or "strong". As an example, I've seen that for Bench Press you should be able to bench 125% of bodyweight. For Leg Press
Lift ratio
What is a good ratio of power clean to deadlift? For example, with a 600# max deadlift what is a good max power clean weight? Also what is a good ratio of front squat to power clean?
%1RM & % off of a %of1RM...
Dear Mike, So you regularly use %1RM with all lifts, that's a given, as expressed as the max amount of wt lifted for a particular lift, or off of a max clean for 1 proficient rep. So I'm wondering, when you go heavy you may, as an e.g., follow
Percentages of primary lifts
Coach, Thanks for all your hard work and the time you spend to answer these questions. As a strength & conditioning coach, I try to assign training loads based off their more primary lifts (e.g. Front Squat max ~80% of Back Squat max, Push Press
Dear Coach, I am new to the website and Olympic Lifting. I have been on Crossfit for 19 complete weeks so whatever Olympic lifting I have done, has come during that time. I searched around the website for an answer but nothing was quite what I was
Heavy medium and light
Hey Coach B I submitted a question a while back and you graciously answered. Wondering what you mean by heavy, medium and light workouts? Are you referring to volume or intensity zones or both? I find that in reading various books that different coa
What Are Percentages Based On?
coach b, you have percentages on your workouts. are all of them based on c&j/snatch 1rep max? such as rdl percentages? are front/back squat percentages off of that max or clean max? ohs off of snatch max or ohs max? thanks, josh