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Bracing the abs
Do you brace the abs during the snatch? (abs tight). Or by taking that deep breath before we get into position it sets the abs automatically. Does bracing interfer with the relaxation of the muscles during the lift. What about squatting, same princip
Pulling the bar higher for the split snatch
Hi coach, I'm a 43yr old master and have recently switched to the split snatch, I exceeded my pr pretty quickly,but have stalled. I don't feel like I'm pulling the bar high enough. Do you have any advice to get bar higher? Thanks for you're time
High pull extension
Good day coach.i've been teaching oly lifts for a year.i'm having difficulties teaching my athletes on how to transfer and gain momentum. what kind of exercise or cross training should i apply for us to them master the full extension of the lift.
Split Snatch or squat snatch
Hey Coach, I have been having an issue with my shoulders being tight in the bottom of the squat snatch. My max is at 185 but it is a split. I can Snatch balance 245. Is this just a mental problem with getting under the bar?
Stuck At Weight
Coach, I'm stuck at a Snatch weight - 165lbs and I know I can lift more. I can OHS more and Snatch Balance more. Any advice/tips to help me get over this plateau? Thanks
Snatch Disorder!
Coach, I have been doing CrossFit for almost a year. I have no Oly lift experience. When I attempt a snatch, as I pull the bar up to the overhead position and attempt to get under and in the full squat position, the bar comes forward out in front
Toes too early
Hello Coach, working hard on my snatch technique and notice that I am on my toes too early. I focus to stay in my heels but can't seem to get feel it in my body. Are there drills to help or is it all a thought, muscle memory challenge/change? I've al
Oly lfts
Coach ive bnn stuck on my snatch 165 poiunds for about 5 monthsand also on my clean and jerk of 210 pounds what can i do to improve.Ive bnn trainng at chikara oly for almost a year and the last 6 months im stuck what to do
Feet landing wide
Coach, I have been oly lifting for a few months now. Enjoy watching your videos on lifting at the journal site. When snatching,(also cleaning), at lower weights form feels and looks good. Getting fast under the bar etc.. But when going for 90%
Jumping in the snatch
Hello. When i perform the snatch, me feet leave the ground 1-2dm into the air before i meet the bar and go down into the ohs. I was just wondering what to do about it and what to think about so it wont happen anymore. Or do you think it wont b
Displaying 31 — 40 of 125