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Help with form
Coach, I am relatively new to the snatch lift and am having somewhat of a hard time on quit a few aspects of the lift. I recorded myself on coach's eye and the main I can pick out quickly seems to be not extending my hips. I warm up everyday but seem
Catching the weight and Finishing the lift
Coach, I have been doing crossfit for almost 2 years now, and have never really been taught (or pursued learning) the proper snatch technique until recently. I have just within the past few weeks been focusing on getting my hips forward, making cont
3 Pos Snatch
Coach, I am startign your basic olympic lifting program and had a question about the 3 pos snatch execution. The workout calls for 3 POS SN: 5 x 3. Does this mean 5 x 3 of 3 pos snatch (i.e. 3 from high, 3 from mid, 3 from floor), or 5 x 3 pos snat
Just starting out
Hi Coach, So, after several months since starting Crossfit, I've decided finally to go back and work on my relatively atrocious snatch form. I've watched it a couple times, and have not
Please help to be more consistent
Sorry about that it didnt send the link the first time.
Please help to be more consistent
Coach, Can you help me with my forn to be more consistent with this weight and ultimately add more kilos to the bar. Thanks.
Difference between Snatch and Power Snatch
What is the difference between a power snatch and a snatch. On the WOD posted on 18SEP2012 it says 1 xp ower snatch and 1 x snatch, what is the difference?
Banging Bar on the Hips
Is the bar supposed to bang against the hips in the snatch?
Snatch analysis
Hi Coach, I just made a snatch PB with 102.5kg. All your advice and your videos have been helping tremendously. I wonder whether you you take a quick look at the lift to see how it could be improved. thanks coach B!
Feet on the Snatch
Coach, While doing the snatch at heavier weights my feet fly out almost as wide as my hands on the bar but when I do lighter weight I can easily keep my feet centered under my hips. What can I do to focus on keeping my feet underneath me?
Displaying 31 — 40 of 135