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Please critique my snatch technique
I having trouble getting past my plateau. I have been lifting for a couple years and am looking to be more competitive but lately my snatch technique has picked up some bad habits. I've heard and have been taught the "catapult" as Pendlay teaches but
Snatch Feet
Dear Coach, When I am attempting a heavy snatch (anything > 90% 1rm) I always seem to fail not on fighting my head through or strength in the arms but more so on the fact that my feet come together sometimes even touching during the attempt and I wi
Snatch form
Hi Coach, What can I improve on my technique? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hey coach. Just looking for some feedback. Hit a pr the other day.
Scooping too much/early
Hey, coach... Long time no see... Hey, question for ya... I've noticed this for a while and was wondering what ideas you would have to correct it... During both snatch & clean as the bar passes my knee up to about mid-thigh Ive noticed I over exag
First pull in the snatch
Dear Coach Burgener, currently I am training at a weightlifting club in Berlin (TSC). They first fixed my snatch (the first pull): in order to get my knees out of the way for the bar, I always shoved my knees back, what caused a raise of my butt. No
Bar moving around knees
Hi again, I tried to do the squat clean. Like you mentioned here I see some bar moving around knee I have tried to fix this by increasi
Pendlay: "hit and catch" technique
Coach B, I've been seeing alot more technique involving this "hit and catch" technique and have noticed the arching travel of the bar. Why are coaches teaching this? I learned directly from you about "jumping the bar up" creating a more Vertical path
End on my toes when snatch
Coach when snatching heavier weight I always seem to finish the snatch on my toes and have a hard time staying on my heels when in the squat position. This forces me to go to my knees or lose the weight forward. How can I correct this? Thanks, J
Jon snatch
Hey coach, when a paste into you tube doesnt work, enter it into google window, there will always be a a deleted entry. eg josh golden
Displaying 21 — 30 of 135