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Stopping Early A Bend
I'm trying to eliminate a significant early arm bend on the snatch and want some advice regarding volume of training to dedicate to this. You have had some great advice for me in the past, so I thought I'd ask another. I typically have one snatch
External vs. Internal Rotation
Good morning, I have a question about overhead position and shoulder rotation. I was taught in my level 1 seminar that external rotation of the shoulders/elbows in the overhead position is the most stable, optimal position for your shoulders. Dr.
Snatch and Overhead Squat
Hello Coach B, I have a question related to my Snatch and Overhead Squat. I have been doing a one hour specialized olympic weightlifting class in my crossfit affiliate gym once a week since 2.5 months. I have noticed that i am gaining strength ov
I'm not sure what I can do now
I always end on my toes and I'm not sure if it is mobility or technique. I work mobility everyday and see now changes. Please critique and help me! Thanks!
Squat Snatch vs Split Snatch
I plan on competing in the masters division next year and I still have trouble with my snatch, due to mobility issues, which I continue to work on. For example, my power snatch is still significantly better than my snatch, as I tend to dump the weig
Snatch form check
Coach, could you assess this lift please?
Need some feedback on my form
Https:// Hey Coach, I could use some advice on my snatch. I've never had an official coach, but I've gotten thus far on my technique by watching your videos. Any help you can provide would be g
Snatch form
Hi Mike , I wanted to get a critique of a snatch I did this back in 2005, This is what I worked up to from 2000-2005 using your program back then . Heres the video. thanks for all your help Coach
Split lifting
Hi, I am 31 years old and 190 cm tall, and I am complete beginner in olympic weightlifting. My problem is the achievement of full depth in the squat, when squatting below parallel i am losing tightness in the lower back (lower back starts to round).
Snatch improvement
Hey Coach, About a year ago I sent you this video of me snatching about 94kg, I doubt you remember the video but here it is. I was extremely new to the sport and you took the time to review it and give me feedback.
Displaying 1 — 10 of 137