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OLs for tae kwon do
Hello coach, I'm now a big fan of yours! I train in tkd and I would like to know what kinds of lifts do you think would be beneficial. There is hardly any info on the olympic lifts in tkd training and conditioning. Most of what I have found is pl
Training For Lacrosse
i play lacrosse, i am 16, and need to know how i can get stong, but stay light and get faster at the same time. My step dad jack D lol( the one in the 1st comment is acctuly my step dad) and he told me about you and said that you know your stuff. and
Oly Lifts For Swimming
i'm a swim trainer i'd like to introduce oly lifting to my swimmers. what do you think about? thank you
O-lifts For Muay Thai Crossfit
Semper Fi Coach! I'm trying to incorporate olympic lifts into my Muay Thai based, Crossfit workouts: I need the POWER!! Any hints? Rory
Bulgarian For Powerlifting
Hi Coach! I found your site a while ago when surfing. I am a powerlifter from Sweden who search for more knowledge on how to increase my strength. Since your site have provided me with many insightful tidbits and thoughts, of which I am very thankfu
Pre-season Football
Coach, I have been using your periodization table for my football team. Great gains! We would snatch or clean, squat, bench, medicine ball, and kettle bell in each workout. I am entering my pre season phase. How do you suggest that I modify their
Displaying 11 — 16 of 16