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How often should the novice lifter perform Jerks from the racks
Hello coach and hope all things are going well. I thank you for the Mikes Gym shirt at the Arnold Classic (Nationals). I was going to ask you a question but you were very busy and didn't want to nag you with questions. I would like to know how often
What does POS stand for?
Hi, I am going to be starting your generic workout program soon and was curious to what POS meant. Thanks.
Wrists on front squat
Coach B, I lift weights for general health and fitness and have never done any of the Olympic lifts. After reading the many benefits of Olympic lifting, I would really like to learn them. Please correct me if I'm wrong .. from reading your Q&A sec
Obtaining a men's singlet
Sorry to bother you with this Coach, but I thought you might have the answer. I haven't found a men's weightlifting singlet anywhere, after a week of exhaustively searching the internet. Where do your guys get their Adidas singlets from? Thanks!
Getting started
Coach, I would like to begin olympic weightlifting. I'am from a small town in New Brunswick Canada and there is no one with a great deal of knowledge on the sport, could you help with any info on technique and training programs. I have never really d
Interested in Starting Olympic Weightlifting
Dear Coach: I'm very interested in Olympic Weightlifting and would like to train with someone who could teach me the proper technique. I live in South Pasadena, have a wife and young child, and a pretty hectic career. As such, my time is quite l
Ump in Power Clean/Snatch
Hi Coach. Great site. I am a beginner with the power lifts and have received contradictory advice from two coaches- one says necessary to practically jump up while performing the power versions of the clean and snatch and the other says not necessary
Starting For Rugby
Coach- I frequent Crossfit, but now I am looking to sports specialize for the first time since college. I was a college soccer player (wish I would have known about oly lifting then...) but I am looking to start playing rugby in the spring and summ
Getting Kids Started
I am looking for advice or material on young weightlifters. My sons are 10 and 9 and daughters are 7 and 6. I have a track background (decathlon, pole vault coach at local Div. III college) with a little Olympic weightlifing experience (1 open meet
Displaying 11 — 19 of 19