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Dissertation writing service
Dissertation writing service
New Oly program
Hi coach. We have a new CrossFit affiliate here in Sioux Falls, SD. FAF CrossFit. I had gone through your CrossFit cert back in 2009 and my wife just went through the USA Coach performance cert last month. Other than that we have no experience in
Goal - to go pro
Hello Coach B, greetings ! My name is Bhisham and I am a fat guy (Age: 31, Wt: 224.5Lbs @ 26.6% bodyfat) and has recently started doing crossfit. I see that crossfit provides a great platform to achieve overall fitness and allow a person to prove hi
Where dobi start
Coach, I want to start following your crossfit programming. Do you recommend I start on December 2nd, 2013 on what appears to be a week one day one of your current CrossFitters cycle or do I start from today's Wod? Is there a specific goal for the cr
Where to start with crossfit WODs
Hi coach Mike. First Thank you for this website and the WODs you provide that can be very helpful to people with no access to gyms or coaches. My question is if I wanted to start following your crossfit WODs where do I start. should I start on any da
Rack position
Hi Coach, I really appreciate all the tips and videos you have published. I am a new cross fitter that really struggles getting my elbows high when racking the bar on my shoulders for a clean or front squat. As I understand it, the elbows should be p
Snatch and C&J Positioning
Hey Coach B! I am fairly new crossfitter, about 6 months, and I am having the hardest time getting the positioning right for the snatch and C&J. I know it is mobility issues that are holding me back, but with all the mobility I have done, I have not
New to oly
Hi coach, great site you got here. I've been doing rippetoe's starting strength for about a month or two, and I'm 16 yrs 145 lb 5'9, squat 225x5 dl 250x5 pcl 120x3 ... But now I really want to get into oly weightlifting, such an exciting sport and b
Starting without a coach
Hi Coach, I recently started into the crossfit way of life but I have never done any olympic style lifting before. I have watched almost all of your video clips on the crossfit website and was wondering if it would be a good idea to begin trying th
Ab exercieses
I would like to know what excerises would be beneficial for reducing the extra flab around my stomach.
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