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How I can improve my speed of my elbows under the bar
I star doing crossfit 5 months ago I never did Olympic weight lifthing before,I have I hard time to get speed with my elbows and I bent my arms when I pushing up sometimes ,I try ,but I keep doing it ,I wonder if you can help me with some trills th
Push Jerk
I loved everything I learned at the Oly Cert! I wish we would've learned this at our L1! I feel like I am starting food for thought. The jerk is executed by generating speed and pulling under the bar. I see (and feel) that this should only
Wrist pain
Is there some special way to have your wrists when doing over head squats. I did a CF workout with a ton of them and my wrists were so sore after, but when I snatch or clean and jerk they feel fine. I'm trying not to use wraps or tape unless you thin
Junk yard dog
I am not familiar with the junk yard dog. How is it done? Thanks John
Shoulder joint + girdle flexibility
Been working on one of my athlete's flexibility now for a year. He still lacks even adequate flexibilty to properly execute an Overhead Squat let alone a squat Snatch. Tried different rotation direction stretches, pushing the barbell back when he has
Back issues with the jerk
Hi there, first off Id like to thank you for this site and the programing on it, its great and just what I needed, its helped me alot. Ive been focusing on my squats for a while now so my clean is getting alot better and so is my snatch but
Need Help Improving my Technique
Coach, I am trying to improve my olympic lifts in order to be more efficient and improve form. For example, my initial pull is very slow (@135#) and find myself exaggerating my hip drive in order to get under the bar (shrug is minimal) and land wi
Getting Low (ATG)
Coach, Thanks for all the instruction you provide. Its a huge help to people trying to learn and improve. Apologies if youve answered this question somewhere on the site and I missed it. I have been doing oly lifting for 6 months now so I am stil
My 2nd pull needs clarification
Hey coach, Just wondering if I can get some clarification on my 2nd pull please? So I can get this right in my head, the deadlift, once the bar is just above the knees, well you then straighten the knees and the hips at the same time so that th
Hi, this is my first time doing this style of workout, does 65%x1x5 mean 1 clean, 5 jerks? Or 1 C&J on the min for 5 mins and so on? I really appreciate any help.
Displaying 31 — 40 of 153