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Hang Clean vs Clean (Full Clean)
How much of a strength improvement should you see from your hang clean to your full clean? Either in percentage or lbs.
Jerk hand placement
Coach, I am self taught and held the bar more in the fingers and had a pretty solid jerk. Got some coaching and he told me men should hold the bar more in the hands; basically told me I jerked like a girl. I started doing that and now my jerk is hor
Oly Lifting Instructionals
I learn a lot from your videos but was looking for a good olympic lifting dvd that puts it all together (rather than vids in pieces) What would you suggest?
Power Clean Problems
Hi Coach, I've been working on Power Clean technique over the past couple of weeks. I feel like i've made strides in the right direction, but I still feel as if I'm struggling with the second pull. The video below is at a modest 75kg, I failed
Coach, when shruging the bar do I also pull with my delts or just the traps?
Going Off Percentages?
Hey coach, First let em say this site is great and thank you for it. I am a former college football player who has been olympic lifting for a few years off and on. As you know most football players tend to be taught the wrong way to olympic lift. Re
Getting under the bar
Hi coach, Firstly, thank you for this website and what you do its such a good resource. I used to be a powerlitfer but have recently moved to olympic lifting. I seem to have real difficulty getting under the bar, especially on the rack on the clea
Thigh contact on clean
I have been focused on rising slowly, remaining patient, and staying over the bar to keep the bar close to my body on the initial pull off the ground before exploding into the 2nd pull. However, I have yet to consistently make slight contact with my
2 nd pull initiation
Coach, Would like to get some verification on the start of the 2nd pull. I've read where you have told people to "jump like hell" regarding the pull. My question is: "does the 2nd pull actually start with some slight hip extension to a more vertical
I do crossfit 5 days a week, 3 on 1 off ans 2 on 1 off. I was thinking of adding Olympic lifting in the mornings M,W,F and keep my regular CF training. What are your thoughts on this? I don't want to over train but I think I can handle some extra wor
Displaying 31 — 40 of 163