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Critique of clean and jerk?
Hi Coach, Could you please take a look at my lift please and give me an idea of how to improve? I feel I'm jumping backwards a little, my feet need to be set accurately from the start and that I have abit of a don
Moving forward
Dear Coach, On heavy clean and jerks I keep being pulled forward rather than jumping back. This results in missed lifts at higher weights. Now I have been working with pendlay rows so that I have a stronger back and back extensions because I lack ba
Caving in
Dear Coach, When ever I start lifting around 85% + I tend to cave and dump the clean forward. I ride it down fine but once I hit the bottom of my squat I cave and lose the clean. It is really holding me back. Any suggestions?
Crossfit Cycle?
Hey mike. I want to start doing your crossfit wods. I'm not new to crossfit, oly lifting or 5/3/1. I see that you do a 12 week cycle for the oly wods. Do the crossfit wods follow the same cycle? Since this cycle started 9 weeks ago would it be wise t
Sub for sled work?
I don't have a sled. What would you sub for sled push, drag, forwards & back? Thanks.
Elbow rebend
Hey coach I know you probably get this question a lot but I'm having a lot of trouble locking my jerks out. My elbows just do not want to cooperate. I've tried everything from jerk balances to jerk supports. I've tried mobility wod thinking it migh
Thank you for the quick reply on my last question, and that beings me to my next question. When you scoop/dbl knee bend, is the torso slightly angled forward or is it completely vertical? Thanks
Where am i hitting??
Hey Coach. i was wondering, the snatch is supposed to brush off the hips, right? then where does the clean brush off? and where does the first pull end and the second begin? thanks
Split Jerk Thoughts
Hi Coach, Its been a while. Hope all is well. So i've been focusing on improving my split jerk. From our last conversation you suggested dipping straight down since I tend to lean forward. Since then Ive been focusing weight on the heels while di
Squat Clean
Hey coach. I have a fairly good power clean, but I have a hard time getting under the bar. I have been power cleaning straight into a front squat, but I just haven't been able to getting straight underneath it. any suggestions?
Displaying 11 — 20 of 166