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Post Surgery Training
Coach - I am five months beyond knee replacement surgery of the left knee and awaiting a repeat procedure for the right knee. While I am pleased with my recovery thus far, the surgery has effectively put an end to doing full oly lifts and squats. I c
Tight shoulders in the full snatch
Hey coach I am having a problem with my shoulders being way to tight when I catch the bar in the bottom of a snatch. Power snatch I can find that special spot and lock and land the bar just fine and I can overhead squat above body weight. When I do m
Jerk vs Push Press
Hi Coach, what is the difference between the jerk and the push press? Or, is there no difference?
Shoulder pain in the jerk
Hey coach, I consider myself to be a pretty in shape individual, but the jerk makes me look and feel completely helpless. My jerk form has always been pretty awful, it's just a lift I couldn't fully grasp. I recently got some good coaching from a for
Getting caught at the bottom of the clean.
Hi Coach, i seem to get caught at the bottom of my cleans for a second or to before i squat it it up. i think its related to catching the bar low as it get heavy bit i would like your opinion on the matter.
Snatch Technique Link
Hi Coach, Here's a new link to my snatch video. Sorry it didn't work before. This one should (hopefully). Thanks for such a quick response before, and I look forward to hearing back from you once you've seen the video.
Hang Clean vs Clean (Full Clean)
How much of a strength improvement should you see from your hang clean to your full clean? Either in percentage or lbs.
Jerk hand placement
Coach, I am self taught and held the bar more in the fingers and had a pretty solid jerk. Got some coaching and he told me men should hold the bar more in the hands; basically told me I jerked like a girl. I started doing that and now my jerk is hor
Oly Lifting Instructionals
I learn a lot from your videos but was looking for a good olympic lifting dvd that puts it all together (rather than vids in pieces) What would you suggest?
Power Clean Problems
Hi Coach, I've been working on Power Clean technique over the past couple of weeks. I feel like i've made strides in the right direction, but I still feel as if I'm struggling with the second pull. The video below is at a modest 75kg, I failed
Displaying 21 — 30 of 159