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Does the snatch require and improve agility? I say it does, my manager as not!
Power Clean issues with "pulling using lower back"
This is Daniel from Sweden. I am trying hard to find my way with the clean pull. I have 3 main issues. 1) I pull the bar with my arms after the bar moves around the knee 2) If I donít pull with my arms I often bang the bar with m
Post Surgery Training
Coach - I am five months beyond knee replacement surgery of the left knee and awaiting a repeat procedure for the right knee. While I am pleased with my recovery thus far, the surgery has effectively put an end to doing full oly lifts and squats. I c
Tight shoulders in the full snatch
Hey coach I am having a problem with my shoulders being way to tight when I catch the bar in the bottom of a snatch. Power snatch I can find that special spot and lock and land the bar just fine and I can overhead squat above body weight. When I do m
Jerk vs Push Press
Hi Coach, what is the difference between the jerk and the push press? Or, is there no difference?
Shoulder pain in the jerk
Hey coach, I consider myself to be a pretty in shape individual, but the jerk makes me look and feel completely helpless. My jerk form has always been pretty awful, it's just a lift I couldn't fully grasp. I recently got some good coaching from a for
Getting caught at the bottom of the clean.
Hi Coach, i seem to get caught at the bottom of my cleans for a second or to before i squat it it up. i think its related to catching the bar low as it get heavy bit i would like your opinion on the matter.
Snatch Technique Link
Hi Coach, Here's a new link to my snatch video. Sorry it didn't work before. This one should (hopefully). Thanks for such a quick response before, and I look forward to hearing back from you once you've seen the video.
Hang Clean vs Clean (Full Clean)
How much of a strength improvement should you see from your hang clean to your full clean? Either in percentage or lbs.
Jerk hand placement
Coach, I am self taught and held the bar more in the fingers and had a pretty solid jerk. Got some coaching and he told me men should hold the bar more in the hands; basically told me I jerked like a girl. I started doing that and now my jerk is hor
Displaying 21 — 30 of 161