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Split Jerk Thoughts
Hi Coach, Its been a while. Hope all is well. So i've been focusing on improving my split jerk. From our last conversation you suggested dipping straight down since I tend to lean forward. Since then Ive been focusing weight on the heels while di
Squat Clean
Hey coach. I have a fairly good power clean, but I have a hard time getting under the bar. I have been power cleaning straight into a front squat, but I just haven't been able to getting straight underneath it. any suggestions?
Split Jerk thoughts
Coach, I read your comments from last time I posted and tried to apply as much as possible. When you have time please take a look at the vid below. For now, This is as much as I can point my elbows down and out. I need to work on more flexibilit
C&J Technique Critique
Hi coach, Please take a look at my C&J form. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Please skip to 27s
Jerk explosion
Dear Coach, I have been stalled in my clean and jerk for quite some time now due to a lack explosion during the jerk. I can't seem to get a clean lock out when jerking no matter how fast I try to get under the bar or push with the legs. Do you have
Http:// I can also send you my training program
What do you think of my clean Mike?
Https:// Hey Mike let me know what you think of my clean. Also how can i build more upper back strength?
Does the snatch require and improve agility? I say it does, my manager as not!
Power Clean issues with "pulling using lower back"
This is Daniel from Sweden. I am trying hard to find my way with the clean pull. I have 3 main issues. 1) I pull the bar with my arms after the bar moves around the knee 2) If I donít pull with my arms I often bang the bar with m
Post Surgery Training
Coach - I am five months beyond knee replacement surgery of the left knee and awaiting a repeat procedure for the right knee. While I am pleased with my recovery thus far, the surgery has effectively put an end to doing full oly lifts and squats. I c
Displaying 11 — 20 of 158