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Long Femur and Arms
Dear Coach, I have been weightlifting for about 6 years and have made significant increases from where I started, but it seems that now either my mobility or body type is giving me problems with my squat clean. My long femur is making it extrem
Getting crushed
Hi Coach, I have an athlete that gets under the bar so aggresively (fast) that the bar ends up crashing down on her. I've tried a few different cues to teach her to catch it and ride it down, but its been a struggle for her. I know if she cn fix
Pain when finishing the Clean and Jerk
Good Evening Sir, This question pertains to the Split Jerk finish and pain that I have begun to experience when executing the movements as part of a weightlifting WOD. I experience shoulder pain when "pushing" myself under the bar on the finishi
2 pod cleans
Coach, When looking at the 4day 12 week program I noticed 2 position cleans. When approaching 3 position cleans/snatches I usually go clean or snatch from the floor then just below the knee then mid thigh. I was wondering how I should approach the 2
Clean critque
Coach, I've been having issues with my clean as soon as go heavier than 250 lbs. When the bar is gets heavier have the tendency to let the bar go away from me causing me to have to jump forward to catch or not able to catch it all. I was wondering
Shoulder position
Mike, I have read in at least two sources that say that the shoulders should be behind the bar in the power/hip position. I learned that the bar should be in front of or at least over the bar in the power position. How do you teach it? Thanks
Addressing Squat Clean weaknesses
Hi Coach. I'm at a point (2 years of CrossFit and Oly lifting) where I'm trying to build the right habits for the next 10 years but am unsure which way to train my weaknesses out. My problem is this... I power clean 235# fairly easily now and split
Critique of clean and jerk?
Hi Coach, Could you please take a look at my lift please and give me an idea of how to improve? I feel I'm jumping backwards a little, my feet need to be set accurately from the start and that I have abit of a don
Displaying 1 — 10 of 165