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Why are you such a sissy ?
Wish I Were An RBV Student
Coach, Thank you again for your stellar instruction this past weekend. Authenticity, intensity, generosity! I lament the fact I wasn't a RBV student and that my daughter will never have Sage as a team mate! Thank you Sage! Kelly Starrett
No Question
NO question coach, just wanted to say thanks for all you do for weightlifting but more importantly everything you do to recognize the importance of country and have a fine looking crew !!
Team Florida
I am a strength coach in Naples Florida. I also coach the oly. lifts for Team Florida. It is a small world, Ron Jezorski was in our wedding and He a I were officers in the Marine Corps toegether. We also served in Viet Nam together. I really enjo
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Coach B! mpc
Bald Men
you old "web site" devil,you is it true that bald men have more fun?
I Can See The Benefits
Mike just a comment. I used some of the w/outs for kids that can't do the Olympic lifts yet and I can see the benefits!! I was going to post this on the Cross Fit site, but I saw your part so I thought I'd tell you.. All is good in Texas take care. T
Displaying 11 — 17 of 17