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Joining the gym
How do i join your gym?
Running + Weight
My gym trainer says, if you do running (Which i do for 20 minutes everyday before weight) and then do weight, you'll end up loosing your muscle. I'm not sure if his saying is right or not. What should I do ? I should stop running and do only weights
Bench Press
Don't you think bench press is one of the most important lifts that you can do, ever?
Notre Dame
Do you like what Mendoza is doing as far as Notre Dames Training, I won't ask about Marrioti but I just wanted to see what you thought.
2008 Olympic Trials
I was in attendance at the trials. It was Awesome!!!! Congratulations to Casey and Natalie!!! It was great to watch all the athletes compete. Coach Burgener, it was also motivating to watch you coach them up. Best wishes to you all
Yo coach!
Hey why is there so few pic of your students(like me!)?! awww thats messed up coach!
Great showing at the Nationals
Wow great showing Team So Cal/Mike's Gym lifters. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL. WOW, Aimee you are such a "BEAST". Sage you are more than awesome, how many can say they went to Nats at your age, VERY COOL. Shaughnessy so close to 6/6 great job. And Casey
NSCA In Dallas
Coach b, I want to congradulate you on an excellent presemtation at the NSCA convention in Dallas. You were the instructor for my USAW-1 cert. and I pleased to see you present once again. Practical instruction and application makes the difference.
Learning As A 45-year-old
I am 45 yrs old and am now learnign the olympic lifts. I want to compete as a master. I think the newsletter is a great idea ! Please proceed and let thos of US who are interested get ideas/tips/wl knowledge from you great mind ! FYI - I hope to mee
Can I Be Better Than You?
coach burg. i am 48 yrs old and have been in the coaching profession for about twenty years. my goal in life is to be a better coach than you. do you think this is attainable or should i just retire and be satisfied with my accomplishments? please ad
Displaying 1 — 10 of 17