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Set reps?
Hey Coach, I'm starting your squatting progam. On day 2 what does 6x2-3 mean for me to do?
Reps/sets scheme clarification
Sir, using the example: pwr clean+hang clean+clean work up to 65% x3x2 sets, 70% x 3 x 3 sets. does this mean I a.) do the entire sequence of a pwr clean, hang clean, full clean all w/out setting the bar down, 3 times, for 2 sets, or b.) 1 time
Skill Transfer Exercises
Hi Coach, Please describe some examples of skill transfer exercises and accompanying number of reps that I have seen in the warmup from this week (June 12, 2012) Thanks,
Please define "junk yard Dog"? have looked in the Q and A and can't find anything. thanks for the great programming
If a woman is planning to "try-out" for the Oly Weightlifting team - what would her schedule look like two months up to the "try-out?" Specifically, how much time of the day is spent training? Sleeping? And is there a work-out plan? Thanks!
Reps sequencing
Hi Coach, I am in week 2 of your 12 week program and am loving it. I am a bit confused about some rep sequences and was hoping you could elaborate. Here are some questions: 1) ps+hss+sn -- the first set calls for 3 reps. does this mean that the ps
Hi Coach, one more question about the 4 day 12 week program. on the week 4 table it says 'unload reps&sets not intensity' and the 'max' values are filled in the table. could you help me what does it mean? thanks
Clean shrug
Hi Coach, i would like to try the 12 week program but i'm not sure what is exactly a 5*clean/snatch shrug. is it one deadlift then 5 shrug or 5*(deadlift+shrug)? could you describe it please? thanks
Body Building
Coach, When you list "Body Building" in the daily WOD, what do you mean for us to do? Thanks.
Coach, this is the only abbrv I haven't figured out. Thanks
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