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Exercise Explanations
Coach, Once again, the OLY certification seminar last weekend was one of the best learning experiences I ever had. Thank you. I took you up on our offer and have been perusing your website. Looking at your WOD and Generic workout program, I have a
SN Sott Press
Please describe the SN Sott Press. Thanks.
Coach B, What is a Barski CL/SN?
Sn Pp And Rack Jerks Bnk
Coach, do you think you could post descriptions of some of your exercises? For example, I don't know what the following are: sn pp rack jerks bnk
Generic Program Exercises
Hi Coach, I am a beginner in Oly lifting and I see in your generic workout program you have a 3 POS snatch and clean. What is POS? And just to clarify a SN push press is a push press w/ Snatch grip, correct?
Bar Of Death?
Coach- I work as a collegiate strength coach and stumbled onto your website via the Louie Simmons article. I also compete in weightlifting on the side i think your site is great! However, I have been trying to figure out what a "Bar of death&qu
Evil Wheel
What is the Evil Wheel?
Displaying 21 — 27 of 27