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Abbreviations and what they mean
Hello, I am new to your site here and am a total novice when it comes to crossfit. I barely did my first box jump at 18 in. 2 days ago...That being g said I would love to get into crossfit as I've hit a major plateau with my fat loss. I've weight lif
Snatch pulls/clean pulls
Coach, when you give percentages for the snatch pull and the clean pull, what does 100% represent? Is it the max weight you can lift to a triple extension position -- sort of a faster/higher deadlift with a hook grip instead of an over/under grip?
2 Pos snatch and C&J
I have a question about the 2 pos snatch: 1 hang (mid thigh) 1 floor. work up to 50%x2x2, 55%x2x2, 60%x2x2 Does 2x2 mean 1 hang, 1 floor(2 total)-- for 2 sets? or 2x2 mean (1hang, 1 floor)x2 (4 total)for 2 sets? Similarly, For clean and jerk
Another question Coach. On Saturday heavy singles, if I do new pr, in next week percentages are based on the new pr, or the previous one?
Hi Coach. I have a question about the abbreviations. Which means? 1. pwr snatch+ohs: work up to 75%x1+1+3x5 sets. 2. pwr clean+fs+jerk: work up to 70%x1+1+1 x 5 sets. This? 1 - 1. Pwr snatch + 1 pwr snatch + 3 ohs x 5 sets? 2 - 1. Pwr clean
1. Snatch: work up to (50%x2, 55%x2, 60%x2) 3 wave training.
Coach B - I've been following the Oly lifting since January '14, and seen some gains in all aspects. I'm about to start this week coming - but could you please explain the following - 1. Snatch: work up to (50%x2, 55%x2, 60%x2) 3 wave training.
Hey Coach B. Crossfit-er introducing legitimate OLY work here. Starting the 12 week program. Does "Chins" refer to chin-ups exclusively, or any form of pull-up? Thanks in advance
This is probably a simple question but when you list "100 abs" as part of the days work, what does that mean? Thanks.
Snatch pulls & clean pulls
Coach B, on both the snatch and clean pulls, how high should we come up the body? I've seen Chinese lifters come to a height where the elbows are high and wide, and knees are bending, similary for the clean. Thanks in advance, Stu
Shooters choice
What do you mean by shooters choice when it comes to warming up?
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