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Day Before/Day Of
Coach, I know you addressed this question a little in your posts. What do you recommend an athlete do the day before the meet with regards to training for both a local and important meet? Nutrition? How about the day off? Do you recommend any parti
Weigh in
How much time do lifters have between the start of the competition and the end of weigh in?
Prep for meet
Coach, A couple of meet prep questions... When is the last 90%+ CJ and SN you have lifters do in training prior to a meet? Do you emphasize any heavy assistance exercises the last 2 weeks prior to the meet to maintain strength as you taper off
Not sure how all of this works out coach. How do they go about changing the rankings like this? I can't understand it? If the athlete reps vote against it and the 2 resident coaches vote against it, why would they change it? What exactly did they
Lifter leaves OTC as #1 and now #7? Coach B, just wondering what is going on? Casey getting screwed on something? Leaving OTC for good or just for break over Christmas? Don't have to post this on website, just wondering what is going on. Casey ha
Attempts, Warm-ups And Contest Prep
Hey coach, How do you set your kids' attempts for a contest, what is your warmup like before a contest, and what is your lifting like the week prior to the contest? Thanks, Josh
Long Term Preparation For Nationals
Hey again, I was wondering, I compete on the Senior level and our nationals isn't until August, what do you suggest for training when a big meet is so far away? Thanks Coach B
How Do I Get Started?
Coach, I've been wightlifting for a long time (I'm 25) and I'd like to pursue weightlifting at the competition level. I live in Louisiana though, and I was wondering if you know any people or gyms that I should try to contact to pursue my dream. I
Casey's Training Before Worlds
Coach B, Congrats to Casey (and you and his other coaches) on his super job at Worlds. Could you please give a summary/overview of his training during the months leading up to it? Thanks, Jim
1 Kg Rule
Coach, What is the 1kg rule you speak of in today's workout ?? Thanks. Mark
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