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Interested in competing
Coach, I emailed a while back about starting o lifting. I got into a gym and started training but now I'm wondering how I would stack up against other guys my weight. I'm 170lbs and have 160 c&j, 130 snatch, and 205 squat clean.
General competition question
Hi Mike, I am a relative new lifted and I was wondering if you could take a look at the link below. Can you tell me why in competition bars the tiny 1 kg plates are on the outside of the metal clips? Why not on the inside. Thanks https://drive.
Jumping in a meet in 6 weeks
Been following Crossfit workouts from you guys and am thinking about jumping in a Olympic lifting meet which is in 6 weeks from this Saturday......what would you suggest as far as changing my workouts up? Thanks Mike
Getting into Master Level 35-40 Womens Competitions... in GA
I have always been fascinated with weightlifting for numerous reasons. One to include a father who was a professional weightlifter. Finally at the ripe old age of 37 I began CFing a few years ago and want more with OLY lifting.... i have strength b
Cutting Weight for Comp
Hey Coach, Is there any special dieting program or anything else you would recommend in order to cut 3-5 kilos of body weight leading up to a competition ? I need to cut in order to make weight but would like to keep as much strength as possible. A
Performing consistant over 4 days
Is there a spesific way of training in the gym to prepare one to perform consistant in the 400m over 4 days of competition? Heats, semi's the following day and then the final two days after the semi's? Much the same as the olympic weightlifters that
Increase in strength
I have been Crossfitting for about 6 months now, and iwould love to eventually compete. however to do this i definitely need to increase my overall strength. I was wondering what is the best way to increase strength in both slow and oly lifts while
Crossfit and the oly lifter
Hey Coach I started out as a crossfitter and now i compete in o-lifting how much crossfit a week should i be doing or should i just do oly? If I can do xfit howmany days a week and what should the wods look like. I just know from my o-schedule my
Warm up
Hey, Got a meet tomorrow. How should I warm up?
Warm up
So tomorrow is my competition and I have been stretching rolling and icing like a good little lifter. But still feel stiff and pain. Any suggestions? How should I warm up tomorroww also? Thanks so much!!!...l
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