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How do I train two weeks before a meet?
Hi Coach! I am two weeks out before a meet (it is on 1/8)I would like to know how should I be training for this next two weeks? What exercises should I be doing at what % of max? How many days per week? Please keep in mind weeks before this I have
I Want To Compete
I want to compete in weight lifting competitions. I love competing and want to get stronger for my football career and or M.M.A. career. I am 16 years old and i live in Kansas City, Kansas. What do i do, and who do i contact to receive this informati
How to get started
Coach Burgener, My name is Will Otto and have been wanting to start competing in olympic weightlifting but do not know where or what to do. I live in Newport Beach California and work at a sport performance center in Lake Forest California as wel
Olympic weightlifting competition for seniors
I'll be 60 next year, do a lot of weight training, and am in really good shape. I'm just getting into olympic lifting and really enjoy it so I'd like to start competing next year at the 60-64 level. How do I get started? Thanks.
Where do I find info/sign up for meets?
Where can I find information on competeing and get signed up for a competition near me (Michigan)
Coach on weightlifting what warm up is the best.
First time competition
Coach, I've been following Catalyst Athletics Wod's for the past 6 weeks or so and I've seen good improvements in my lifts. I'm 7 weeks out from my first competition. I've been doing the competitive lifts for about 3 months or so, however I've been d
1st meet as coach
I am going to take my first lifter to a meet. He is in the collegiate division. What types of advice and tips would you have? In between attepts what do you have your athletes do? (pulls, full lifts, partials) Opening weights, how do yo determine wha
Wanting to get better
Mike I've got the Oly lifting bug. Just competed in a small meet in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Regis Becker ran the meet, was held at the Pittsburgh Barbell Club training facility. Only 6 guys, I snatched (power snatched) 45, C/J for 55, lam
Day Before/Day Of
Coach, I know you addressed this question a little in your posts. What do you recommend an athlete do the day before the meet with regards to training for both a local and important meet? Nutrition? How about the day off? Do you recommend any parti
Displaying 11 — 20 of 29