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Shoe Brand
Coach, I've seen different shoe brands/styles in pictures around your site and others, but I was wondering if you had any preferences on olympic lifting shoes.
Barbell choose
Coach Am i trying to decide on a good barbell for training the Olympic lifts. Since i compete i am willing to pay a good amount but the eleiko barbells are just out of my price range. Two of the barbells i found at just above $400 was the Chapman El
Coach, I can't help but notice that you have chains hanging in your gym, but I cant recall ever seeing a picture of the chains being used. When and how do you implement these in to training? Thanks Rod
SST-Pendlay bars
Coach- I have heard you recommend the Chapman bars in the past . . . I just noticed your endorsement of the SST folks, and was wondering what you think of the Pendlay bars they are selling. They seem similar in price to the Chapman bar. Thanks. N
Coach, A former player of mine, Zack Womack, recently got our football team training almost exclusively olympic lifting. We are tearing up our bars. Can you recommend a barbell that will hold up to the daily torture? Thanks
Murray Cross
Hi coach. I've seen the Murray Cross in the World Class Coaching videos and saw you speak of them in one of your newsletters. I'd like to add one to my platform, where can I find size specifications? Thanks, Todd
Lifting belts
I have a question about lifting belts. some peole say it is better not to wear a belt because it forces you to activate your core, others say not wearing one is dangerous. do you recommend wearing belts for your athletes, especially for squats and
Belts and the Olympic Lifts
I have been considering using a lifting belt for the clean and jerk, but i don't know what the regulations are for belts in competition. Cold you let me in on some information about belt regulations, and where to find a good belt for the Oly lifts?
Training Plates
I was looking werksan training plates (colored) and they looked like they were an iron core with a rubber rim. Much like the Gill bumper (powermax). Do they hold up or is better to get solid rubber bumpers. Would a platform make a difference?
Squat Stands-Jerk/Technique Boxes
Coach, Just wondering if you had any pictures or suggestions for building squat stands, jerk boxes, and/or technique boxes for olympic lifting. Best for the $$$. What do you suggest?
Displaying 21 — 30 of 46