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Mid-range barbell
I started learning Olympic Weightlifting about a year ago, and up until now I have been using a cheap bar that has the sleeves held on by an Allen bolt. However, it's now in a state where the one sleeve doesn't rotate. I'm therefore looking to get a
Feet hurting
Hey coach. my feet starting early in my workouts and i think it's because of my shoes. There a little big. could there be another reason?
(Narrow) lifting shoes
Dear Coach Burgener! I want to buy a pair of lifting shoes for the oly lifts, heavy squats and metcons. I fell in love with the inov8 fastlift. But I'm not sure about their form. They look pretty narrow at the heel. Are they too narrow for a stron
Chapman Bar Bearings Cleaning
Hi Coach, I have 3 Chapman bars that are 8 years old and overdue to have the bearings cleaned and relubed. 1. How do I get the end caps off and remove the sleeve? 2. What should I clean them with? 3. What type of lubricant should I use on them? Th
Looking for the right shoe
I'm new to the Olympic lift scene. I've been doing Crossfit for two years and have been doing the oly lifts in vibram five fingers or bare foot. To help my oly lifts I'm going to get a pair of lifting shoes. I've looked at the adidas power lift train
Chapman Bar Storage
Hi Coach Can Chapman bars be stored on their ends without damage to the bearings? Thanks! Tim Fox
Zhang Kong Training Bar
Hi coach, I was wondering if you could please tell me where I could buy a Zhang Kong Men's training bar. I want to start competing in weightlifting and would like a nice bar for my garage. I am in Northern California. Thank you- Daniel.
Lifting Boxes
Coach Burgener, I was wondering if you know of a good place to purchse the wooden box platforms I see in pictures a lot. I'd was thinking of using them to put the barbell in different starting positions. I think I can use this to practice some eleme
Artificial Turf
I know it's probably not a great idea, but how bad of idea is it to practice Olympic Lifts on artificial turf?
Good bar for the O lifts
Good evening Coach. My question is in regards to purchasing a good bar. I am an avid crossfitter, and have been practicing the O lifts at my gym for approximately 6 months (following your WOD's as best as I can depending on my work schedule). I ha
Displaying 1 — 10 of 46