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Lifting Platform
Coach, is your design good for metal plates? I have an olympic set of weights but they are metal and I don't have $$ to get bumpers yet. I've seen designs that use carpet padding and 2X4's but the platforms are much larger and expensive. I like yo
Using straps for clean pulls/shrugs.
Hey Coach! I just started your 12 week 4 day a week pragram. I'm very excited, and can tell this prgram will yeild great results. My question is...during the clean pull/shrug, or snatch pull, is it best to wear lifting straps or just focus on ut
Spin Lock Collars
What is the advantage to using spin lock collars. Why does the "spin" component not clamp the collar tighter to the bar? From what I can tell, the hand tightener on the collar does the work and the spin lock provides no additional grip. I use a pendl
Lifting Surface
I was wondering how bad is it to be lifting on cement? Currently their aren't any facilities that I know of near bye that are suitable for olylifting, so now until I go to college I will be oly lifting on my garage floor. Hopefully I will beable to f
Extra heel on weightlifting shoes
Whats your opinion about adding extra heel on weightlifting shoes? Im considering adding an extra 7mm (0,275 inches) to my ironworks II, because of very poor ankle flexibility.
Cleaning Barbells
Coach, What is the best method for cleaning rust off of lightly/moderatley rusted barbells? Is WD-40 sufficient?
Bumper set suggestion
Hi Mike, I'd like to invest in a bumper set and bar. The old gym I attended had bumper plates and platform but it recently closed (what a shame). I've been oly lifting for over a year and would like your suggestion for brands and websites to find a
How do fund weight rooms
I am a small college and our yearly budget is $900.00. How have supplemented getting equipment and other necessities at different places?
PVC Pipe size?
Hi Coach, I want to get my son started with olympic lifts, what is the size of the pvc pipe I should get. Thank you
Coach, What size is that tire that I see in some pictures that are on the PM? It looks like it is taken at your gym. Thanks, Joe
Displaying 11 — 20 of 46