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Hip Problems
I'm 25 yrs old and I've had the same problem for the past 2 years. Once I reach about 85% of my Back Squat PR my hips start to hurt and it usually only happens if I do full squats. This all started after a two year lay-off where I didn't squat much
Beginners falling down
Hi Coach, I wondered if you've had beginners over the years who lose their balance with weights overhead. I've seen it a number of times now (most recently yesterday) and wondered if there is something I need to work on more with the younger lifte
Hip Flexor hurting on squats
Coach, My hip flexor has been hurting on squats (both front and high bar back squats). It stared about 1.5 months ago, i think because i was bouncing too hard at the bottom of heavy high bar back squats. Now I can squat okay, but it still hurts an
Road Rash
So Coach, I took a spill on my bike (Royal Enfield T-Bird 500) the other day and scraped up my right knee pretty good. There's no other tissue damage, and the bike is ok. However, deep knee bending is painful in that the skin stretches at the point
Herniated disc
I have, you guessed it, a herniated disc at L5/S1. It happened when I did an improper deadlift. I'm trying to get a hold of a USAW coach in my area to help me work on my squatting and deadlift form and then I'd like to learn the C&J and snatch.
Training after an injury
Do you recommend isolation movements like leg extensions and leg curls to strengthen the knee joint and get back to playing a sport? some say isolation movements are potentially harmful and you should only do compound lifting, like squats, some say i
Shoulder separation
Hey coach, have you ever known weightlifting to cause a shoulder separation? the other day i was benching (with good form) and i got some serious pain in my shoulder-turns out my shoulder is separated. i'm not in any sports right now and i cant rem
Knee Replacement
Hi Coach, I hope your knee is healing nicely and you are able to get on the Harley soon. Do you feel your knee problems were a result of Oly Lifting for so many years? If so, what would have done differently to prevent a total knee replacement?
One arm training
Coach, while sleding I suffered a subscapularis tendon tear (SLAP lesion). I will be having surgery soon and will not be able to lift with both arms for some time. Do you have any suggestion on what excersies I should do. Thanks for your help.
Chronic knee pain
First of all thank you for such a fantastic online resource and all your efforts here!!! My history: I am 26 years old and have been lifting weights for approximately 7-8 years. My training style during those years was always 5-10 reps, double
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