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Cleans with wrist cysts
Hi, I have ganglion cysts in the top of both wrists. The one in the right wrist is a bit worse than that in the left, probably because it's my dominant hand. They are not large at all (i.e., too small to aspirate) but are big enough to make holding
Pulled Groin from Split Jerk - rehab?
Hi Coach, I cleaned the weight, and when I split jerked, my rear leg popped and I felt this excruciating pain. Adductors are tender and hip adduction is difficult and painful, now. Xrays showed everything intact and in place, pending a referral for
Groin pull
Hi Coach, do you have any for recovering from a groin pull, at this point it's lingering&nagging, but stopping me from doing anything from below the knee. You have been very helpfull in the past! Thank you, Rob
Lower back pain
Hey Coach, I was doing snatches the other day and when I went down to catch the weight it felt like the weight entirely crashed into my lat. I haven't been able to even put 45lbs over my head since then and it has been almost two weeks. any advice?
Herniated disc l4-l5
Hey coach I herniated my disc about 4 months ago while doing heavy back squats. I got a little heavy with the weight and my form got sloppy. I felt a little something through my hip and back. Unfortunetly, I have been struggling trying to make a reco
Shoulders and snatch pp/balance
I am experiencing a dull aching pain from my elbows right through to my shoulders whenever I do any jerking. After the first set, through the workout, and for a couple of hours after. I warm up via Kstar and still no relief. Thoughts?
Lower Back
Hey coach, normally when I do back squats I do not have any problems at all, but a few weeks ago I did back squats and was unaware until several sets in that I had the bar placed abnormally high above the traps on the neck and my lower back has been
Wrist Injury
Sir, I recently injured my right wrist doing cleans. The wrist has no swelling nor is range of motion impeded. I tape during my lifting, and the pain subsides when I'm lifting, but comes back pretty severe the day after WO. Is there any alternativ
Shoulder pain when dipping during jerk, unloading cleans and front squats
Coach, I am training a new lifter who is experiencing sharp pains in the back of her shoulder during the dip of the jerk, and when unloading a racked clean or front squat. The pain only comes during the unloading or eccentric aspect of any moveme
Thumb and Hook Grip
I recently jammed my right thumb playing football and when I tried to lift later on that day I couldnt because it was too painful using the hook grip. I tried using a normal grip but it was a lot harder to pull under the bar in the snatch and I could
Displaying 1 — 10 of 29