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Thank you so much for this aritlce, it saved me time!
Weightlifting cert
Hi, Do you know when you will be in Canada for a cert?
Dubuque Oly Course
Coach, I was wondering if you will be attending the CF Oly Course in Dubuque Iowa October 26?
Australian Seminar
Thats very exciting news to hear that you are coming to Australia at the end of the year. When are you hoping to confirm dates? How do we go about registering and is there is pre-reqs for participants? Kind regards
Certification in Australia
Coach, any chance you will be coming to Australia in the near future? Cheers Jamie
Which seminars will you be doing in California?
We loved seeing you at TJ's gym this weekend, and wonder which future seminars you'll be doing in California-the CF Olympic WL events page does not specify which will have you, and which will have other staff. Thank you coach!
When is the next certificaction
When is the next certification in USA?
Will You be Doing Any of the Crossfit Oly Certs Coming Up
Will you be doing the Oly Seminar in October at University of San Diego? If not, which ones will you be attending because I would like to attend?
Coach- Are planning todo a crossfit oly cert in NJ this year? thanks
Pre Reqs yes or no??
Hi Coach I want to take the xfit oly cert next time you're in Canada. however, I see the site doesn't say anything about pre requisites for the course. Do you have any pre reqs? such as min/max weight, etc? I've only been in CF 6 months but totally
Displaying 1 — 10 of 16