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Ab Bracing
Hi Coach B, First, congrats on your son's accomplishments at the Olympic trials and in Beijing; he is a great addition to USA Weightlifting. My question for you is in regards to "bracing." I have read a lot of Dr. Stuart McGill's work on bracin
Snatch balance technique
I have been working on my snatch balance but find that as I get heavier...for me anyway, it ends up more like a quick sn gr pp and a somewhat slow drop. I usually stop at this point as I don't think I'm getting the desired result. Is it better to sta
Balance or wobble boards
Ever use balance or wobble boards? Do you think they have any benefits for training?
Hey Coach, any specific ab work outs, videos, or techniques. How about swiss ball workouts?
Hi, I am pretty new to oly lifting and I have been using your WODs for my workouts for the last couple of months. Could you give me an example of some of the ab workouts you have at the ends of your sessions. I have mostly just been doing weighted ru
Heavy negatives
Just wanted your opinion on inserting heavy negatives of presses into a schedule. Have you tried it or seen it used and if so can share your perspective? Also just want to commend you on your generosity in helping others in this sport. Thanks
Switching to Power Cleans
When I was in high school, we always did cleans from the hang position. i got really good at it and had a max of 335 at a bw of 195. now i'm trying to go to power cleans, but im sure my technique is off and the weight is nowhere near where it was.
Good morning vs rdl
Hi coach got through first comp was dissapointed did 95 n 70 poor prep on day. just a question on good morning v rdl do you have preference or is one better i find rdl very good but think good morning might be more effective to improve strength in t
Pulling with arms
My shoulders and traps/upper back get sore after cleans, does this mean i'm pulling too much with my arms and is there a way to fix it?
Clean Technique
When I do cleans, it's hard to keep my legs under me. I sometimes end up with my legs spread about three feet apart, and when I try to get under the bar and front squat it, I can't balance and have to drop it. Is there something I can do that will
Displaying 31 — 40 of 58