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Whento use lifting straps
I don't use lifting straps on cleans or snatches, but am wondering when or at what % should I use straps while doing clean & snatch pulls, shrugs, and rdls? Also are you better of using straps or not for grip strength?
How To Keep Elbows Straight
Coach- Even with minimal weight, I have a very though time keeping my elbows pointed straight ahead. They always pop out to the sides, away from my chest. I've tried wider and narrower grips; only the narrow grip seems to help. I know i'm probably t
Getting under the bar
Coach B, I've been running into a problem as of late in that my power clean and power snatch are getting heavier than the squat versions of the exercises. I'm 5'10 75kg lifter with a 90kg clean and jerk and a 70kg snatch. Both are power variants.
Coach, I started traditional crossfit about 1 year ago and recently started following the crossfit football protocol. My PR's are bench 315, press 160, c&j 205, squat 300, deadlift 400. All of the lower body lifts are done with POOR hamstring and h
12 week program tempo
Coach, I was wondering about the tempo of the workouts in the 12 week program. I am a crossfitter and I'm taking 12 weeks to focus on strength through your program. My normal tempo is crossfit rx'd, as fast as possible, and I'm finding this isn'
WL technique
What is the significance of the elbows being oriented outward during the second pull? Also, should one begin the first pull with the elbows oriented outward? Thank you!
Squat or power in 3 pos cln/sn?
Is it a squat clean or power clean, squat snatch or power snatch, when we do 3 pos. cln/sn's? I believe we are supposed to catch in the power position (roughly 1/4 squat(?)) but I don't want to cheat myself out of a lot of valuable squat work if what
Round Back SLDL
Hey Mike, could you explain how to properly do a round back sldl or round back good morning? I know about the liability issues, but I believe I could benefit from these exercises. Thanks alot.
Ab Bracing
Hi Coach B, First, congrats on your son's accomplishments at the Olympic trials and in Beijing; he is a great addition to USA Weightlifting. My question for you is in regards to "bracing." I have read a lot of Dr. Stuart McGill's work on bracin
Snatch balance technique
I have been working on my snatch balance but find that as I get heavier...for me anyway, it ends up more like a quick sn gr pp and a somewhat slow drop. I usually stop at this point as I don't think I'm getting the desired result. Is it better to sta
Displaying 21 — 30 of 56